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  1. Looks like i was a bit unclear. X-Division is the game im talking about, but the difference is in the way you work and add content. Up until this point everybody just worked on it as far and as much as he could, and the different aspects were hardly intertwined with each other. Dont have the strings ? Just wait until the person comes back to do them. Then we grew bigger and bigger and started to add bigger and bigger content points with "The Hive" being the latest. This is where things fell apart because it needed support from across all parts of the game. To give you an example. I do 100% of the coding for The Hive, apart from the AI, but even i would be lost if Drages wouldnt give hours without end everyday to my visual requests. He literally spends 4 hours almost everyday to make The Hive as beautiful as i would like it to become. Without his support i would never do this because i simply lack the motivation to do everything alone, apart from the fact that drages is the best man for visuals. But it doesnt end there. We also need the sprites for the new units, Drages and I cant do them, and the strings. Ofcourse we could wait for them but these kind of things kill the whole project including motivation. There is simply no way we can just wait 3 months for things to get sorted out, we wouldnt even know where we left off. Think about it like 4 people carry a weight which gets calculated for 4 people and then 2 people go AWOL. Not saying the 2 remaining people cant do it, more or less, but that just kills all the momentum and motivation. No blame in all of that, everybody can have his/her time, but thats just the difference between a mod ( people come and go as they please ) and a game ( people give notice when they leave/stop working, and do something of a regular output every week/month ). This is the thing we have been discussing. This is what i meant when i said we were tending to a more game like ( working ) structure. The next thing we have big plans about is implementing a working armour class system, using the current code to its maximum, but we are hesitant because big projects take a lot of effort and again support from all different parts of the game and knowing you got a team to get things done is so much more motivating than seeing a lonely, rocky road ahead of you.
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