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  1. Hi people. As you know, X-Division is one of the biggest mod not in Xenonauts only, in the gaming genre as well. This s so nice thing to have but there are problems with it too.. It's big.. bigger then some people can handle.. As a free project and people got RL, our team members sadly need to leave after a while. It's totally normal. X-Division got a more then year story started by me and there was many people came and gone. As two no-life modders me and @Charon at the team, we want to create a new game rather then a mod. For this reason, we need some free hands to help us. We need some helps for very simple but time consuming excel/notepad++ editing for our mods. We can do them by ourselves but this would kill all the progress and enlarge the time to finish the mod massively. If you like the game and mod, if you got excel and notepadd++ at your computer, if you got some spare time to give a dream project, please contact us. BUT, if you just hype for a moment and you could leave it after some days, please don't bother.. we need some dedicated people with free time. Thank you!
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