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  1. I just have to pop in and say that this page of comments has been really amusing for me to read. I haven't seen this type of game vs realism argument since back in Counter-Strike 1.3b I'm not going to be involved other than to say I'm impressed with how diplomatic both Drages and Charon are when it comes to the feedback the players give in regards to your mod. I've been really distracted on clearing out a bunch of games I never managed to finish, and now I'm stuck on Final Fantasy XV I can tell you though, without saving and loading during combat, I would have lost my almost my whole Alpha squad in Phase 4, especially against Andron's. My only comment is that the Spiritwolf Mech feels very strong for Phase 3, in Phase 4 they can get killed pretty easily by heavy drones etc. Keen to see when the next patch rolls around
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