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  1. Hello, feedback on v0.0.6: - The graphic option panel works fine, the menu's contrast check/uncheck is better. - Camera : speed is fine. Can't we have free rotation (with middle mouse button) ? Zoom in/out (with the scroll wheel) ? I usually move with the mouse to explore the map. When I use the keys, it's for smooth moves or because i need to let my mouse pointer on a tile and move the map a little to see something better. Actually, when i move with the keys, the map moves but the mouse pointer move too... I don't like that. - You let us the option to choose the cover indicator radius: nice - The game ran fine on my machine (i7 3770K, RAM 16Go, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 2 Go) I don't understand why the sides of the two bridges don't provide half-cover... Or is it a cover indicator issue ? See on the attached picture. Thank you for this early build and I'm excited to see the next one.
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