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  1. I just realized something that was very obvious about rocketeers. Something that changes my perception of them. And the following is a minor tactictical tip that some people might not want to read .... but ..... I always thought if a soldier carried a rocket launcher that would be its primary job. I would put a rocket lancher in its hands and fill the back-pack up with rockets. Then I would put a pistol in the belt pouch because that was the only weapon that can fit in there. Then I realized you could put a sniper rifle in the soliders main hands, two extra rockets in the belt pouch, and the launcher in the backup. You end up being able to carry just as much rockets. So one just needs to think of a rocketeer as someone who is primarily a sniper (or a rifleman) who can occasionaly shoot something that leaves a bigger hole in aliens then normal. (assuming there is anything left of the alien). Rocket launchers should be thought of as a backup weapon, that most of the time you don't need. But when you need it, you need it. In that I would say rockets are probably well balanced. And two other weapons that need to be thought of as backup weapons, otherwiser they seem useless, are cannons and shotguns. In both Xcom and the Xenonaughts game, we are used to thinking of them as the soldiers main weapon. If you treat a shotgun as a primary weapon in XDivision though you will find them subpar. There low ammo count, and short range means you are better with a pistol most of the time. But when you know you are doing close combat, then you can take them out of your backup, and they can be a blessing.
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