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  1. I just had the easiest mission ever. I was trying capture a phase 1 crashed corvette: Turn 1: I move into defensive positions. On the aliens turn , heavy laser fire takes down a near by civilian. Turn 2: With an incendiary grenade I blow up a wall that was blocking the direction the laser blasts were coming from. It exposes a light drone. I take it out. On the civilians turn there is a lot of shooting happening, and then the mission finish screen pops up. 2 out of 2 aliens have been killed, both of them having been light drones. I am unsure how those two drones were flying the corvette, but they somehow had managed.
  2. I am just interested for narrative reasons. If the aliens do scouting and research missions, it must be to benefit them in some way. Is there any way these missions benefit them? If research missions don't really effect their progress. then my headcanon says that the aliens do the research to benefit their society, and not the war. It is one of the reasons they are on earth. But then those pesky XDivision guys start getting in the way. A wiki entry said that the longer a scouting mission is in effect, the more it brings up the value of the ticker. I am not sure if that is true.
  3. I was talking about the alien missions. Like when aliens fly around doing a research mission, or a scouting effect. What effect do those missions have on the campaign? Like do they have an effect on when the next phase happens, or the number of ships in the air?
  4. Out of curiosity what do alien research and scouting mission's do? What happens when we don't stop those missions, to when we do?
  5. I ended up being able to avoid the crash by moving a certain soldier away from the UFO before ending turn. I have no idea why that made a difference. I think the crash happened before on the caesan psi's turn. It was some weird Xenonaughts instability issue.
  6. I am in a mission, where as soon as I hit end turn the game crashes. I could send you guys a save file. But in the mean time is there in any way to just end the mission. Like with some cheat code that automatically kills all enemies on the map?
  7. Ok. I see now that it is not that the aliens will not open the UFO door, it is just they don't open the UFO door unless they actually have something to shoot at it. So they won't walk around randomly like they used to, or open the door and step out side to take a pee and then go back inside. That does make them seem smarted but just as dangerous. But there seems to be a definite bug with the melee alien AI. I have only encountered xenomorph drones so far. But so far they only ever have attacked when they start a turn adjacent to a soldier. Any other time they walk towards the soldiers but then stop 1 square away from the soldiers (so there is one square in-between.) Then the game pauses for a bit, and it seems like the AI is really thinking. But then the Xenomorphs turn ends without it moving. In the one case when I could not take it out with the soldiers, I moved them away 3 squares with their remaining AP. But the Xeno, only moved till it was 1 square away again, and stayed there.
  8. I have only done two missions so far in the new version, I feel that the AI is easier then it was. Before, approaching a UFO was always dangerous, as the aliens kept jumping out and shooting. Now the aliens sit around and patiently wait as I blow up the door, and barrage them in suppression fire. The game is harder when the aliens are more aggressive. But melee alien AI seems to be better, though I only encountered one so far. The xenomorph drone actually attacked the soldier in front of it, instead of running around all over the place.
  9. Reloading takes absolute TU. Laser weapons all take about 50 TU to reload which is more then then what many rookies have. You have to make sure the solider is not carrying too much, and sometimes use fox armour in order to reload.
  10. You have to watch the TU's. Laser weapons do take a lot, which means some slower soldiers cannot use them. And sometimes if you go to the inventory screen to reload it will work there, when you can't reload int he main screen.
  11. It might be a small update but some of those are big changes. Doubling the Chinook speed drastically changes all campaign strategies. For one we no longer need Chinook's in multiple bases, as it now makes the most sense just to head out from the starting base all the time. The location of the bases, and what is built in them, now has a different feel. It is certainly a change, that takes some adjusting in thinking as it gets rid of the need for multiple squads, though the change will probably seem positive in the end. It just changes my role-play mindset. And this will also help make the Awaks usefull. Most of the other changes make sense. You guys really want terror missions to be scary don't you. And I am afraid of this new Xenomorph behavior. ---------------------- I don't really like the stun change. When I learned that proportional stun actually existed , it made stunning go from seeming tedious to seeming fun and strategic, and this reverses some of that. It feels like on the one hand you guys have this wonderful damage resistance system , with different aliens having different resistances, requiring your squad to have a wide variety of weapons. Then on the other hand you guys say don't use any of that, and instead just use stun rockets, stun grenades, and batons. But if stunning required getting an alien almost dead, on top of using stun damage equipment, then it makes stunning an addition to the damage system instead of a replacement. First the game says how Xenomorphs's are vulnerable to fire. Then it makes us feel guilty about setting them on fire, as then we can't get the plating. (40% proportional stun means we can realistically only apply about 30% to 35% without killing the enemy which isn't a big help) Instead setting them on fire (or other damage) to severally injure but not kill should be a requirement, otherwise we would never be able to apply enough raw stun damage to bring them down before they kill the squad. So I think the change is actually the reverse that it should be. Proportional stun damage should be brought up, but pure blue stun damage brought down. Then things like lone stun rockets would never be enough. We would also need to damage the enemy hit by the stun rocket, keeping things more in line with the awesome resistance system,team work theme, and multiple weapon theme of the mod. And I really, really want to set Xenomorph's on fire,and get the plating. Please let us set Xenomorph's on fire guilt free.
  12. I am not sure it works that way. If half of HP dmg is dealt as stun, then that means the shotgun should be doing more stun damage then physical with every shot and the alien should be stunned often from just using the shotgun. I haven't seen that happen yet. And my experimentation does seem to indicate that bringing down an aliens health helps with stunning a little bit, but only a little bit. Like it only seems to help save one whack with a stun baton .
  13. I just experimented with a Reaper Bull after I posted above, and I was able to finally stun it with a sniper rifle shot. But this was after I had hit it with a stun rod about 14 times. And it was acting skittish by that point, and running away instead of fighting. So I still don't know if the stunning from the rifle was related to its health or its morale, or just a random chance after a certain stun damage threshold.
  14. I am trying to figure out how stunning works. It seems the amount of stunning you need to do is in at least some way related to current remaining health but it is inconsistent. If you practice with your soldiers you can hit your soldier a number of times with a stun rod to be almost enough to knock him unconscious but not enough. Then you can shoot the soldier with a pistol, and he falls unconscious because apparently his stun damage is high enough above his current health. And it has happened with Caesans a couple times where it seems that a damaged Caesan is easier to stun then an undamaged one. Or I hit one with a stun rod a number of times, and then he became unconscious (not killed) when hit with a sniper rifle shot. But I have never been able to get that to happen with reapers, or the lizards. It seems no matter how much you stun rod them, if you shoot them after they will die before they get stunned. I am trying to figure out what the difference is. Does damaging not help for regenerating aliens? is it connected to morale instead of health? Did I just get extremely lucky with the Caesan's? Or was I a little short of the stunning needed to the reaper for the shooting to make a difference.? Does it come down to a random chance,where you have to stun an alien enough and then after that further hits takes a random chance, where any damage including physical can retrigger the stun roll? ---- I would much prefer it that in order to stun you had to bring an alien down to almost dead first. It seems more realistic from an action point of view. It is a bit tedious when to stun a melee alien you have to have your complete squad drop their weapons to the ground, equip stun rods, and all of them stun rod an alien to submission. Then all of them have to go and find where they left their weapons. It would be okay if you only had to do that once per alien type. But we need to collect all those chitin plates, and light fibre's etc, making it happen too much. And it causes you to bypass the aliens elemental resistances. And burning and shooting aliens is much more fun. It would be more fluid if in order to stun an alien you needed to bring an alien down to almost dead, with some of that damage using those weapons that both damage and stun (such as melee and shotguns), and then on top of that hit the alien for 40-80 pure stun damage. (so only 1 or 2 would need stun rods) That should make it hard, while requiring more of a team effort, and allow us to burn, poison, puncture, slash, blast, concuss or whatever as part of the stunning. And also to prevent emersion breaking and slow stunning of a cornered alien, stun damage should regenerate at the start of the aliens turn. You have to do enough stun damage in one round, and not very slow over a period of 10 turns. ------- That's my thoughts anyway. Stunning is just the part I would most like to see improved more of in the mod. It would make melee weapons more interesting on top of what I said above. It seems the balance is meant for the above.
  15. Thank you. This was a good change. Before the Rookie stats were so close together that they all seemed like clones of each other. Now there are actually choices that matter for the rookies starting role. And they can at least start being good at one thing, and improve their weakness as they get experience.