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  1. 5 turn survive but good to hear that he handled the enemy tank.. We buffed soldiers progression at stat gaining for this "more deadly game" reason. Charon was right about it and we took his ideas which he used already at his own mod. Charon wanted Caesans more deadly.. and yeah they were so weak with the stun guns.. they could not harm vehicles too and this create a huge balance whole we can't get rid of it without XCE.. Veteran does not make UFO crew more.. the numbers are always same.. you just feel them more then before :P.. Now AI should not run into you, not all of them.. if an AI runs to you, it means he got a very good damage heavy weapon with low accuracy, take care him really fast! Zombify is still not as i wanted which ignores everything. We will use it more wise places in future patches but much more cool things will take up its place. Man, if you would know what we planned...
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