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  1. Nah, im just kidding :). Well thats the point of teh game to figure this out :). I could give you a 1000 ideas to approach this but lets go with one. Tanks move - yes, but they performance to adjust to different situations without infantry is poor. Furthermore using the main cannon for discs/tanks/mechs use a lot of TU, leaving them in the open even more if they want to shoot you in the same turn. So here is the approach. 1. Design the scapegoat which will be the target for the enemy fire, usually the tank is the best option to go, but it offers as much advantages as it offers disadvantages. The advantages are bigger health pool and more armor, as well as an easy replace in case it should get destroyed, the disadvantage are that a tank is considerably bigger and easier to hit. But a shieldcarrier can take this job too as he is at least to be expected to take one hit ( full shield ) without dieing. 2. Throw a smoke grenade inbetween your tank/shieldcarrier but let it/him stay in sight of the enemy. Sebillians can see through smoke yes, but neither tanks, disc or mech can, lowering the chance to hit for them to approximitelly 1% - 5 %. If you are under fire from sebillians on your flank, throw a incendiary grenade to block and hinder their sight. Smoke for Caesan. Seriously use smoke grenades, they are incredible good now. And incendiaries for sebillians ofcourse. 3. The enemy vehicle will now try to shoot you but will effectively pin itself down. Now you have different options. Since the tank is pinned down you can sneak any explosive under its hull. In most cases it wont have enough TUs to fire and move effectively in teh same turn. You can use a hide and pop strategy, where you position yourself right behind corners to tactically pop shoots whenever you think its safe. No reaction fire is to be expected since teh enemy vehicle should be in stalemate with your scapegoat 4. This position should be favourable for you since its 8 soldiers + 1 vehicle vs 1 alien vehicle. Always evaluate the situation you are in though, as this is the most crucial point in this game . theres never a clear button to win. Neverthless the enemy vehicle has different options available. Rushing forward: THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. Calculate if you think you have enough firepower to kill it in one turn. Naturally you should have your heavy weapons already in position to do maximum damage. Make use of the double attack of your vehicle if it has one. Dont trust explosives as the alien vehicle can rush through it, and then its game over. Retreating: This is actually the best option for alien vehicles but they rarely do it to not let go of the pressure. Keep it simple. Either move and continue with the same tactic or reposition yourself in case it comes right back. Flanking: Same thing again. Adapt to the new circumstances and keep the pressure up. Always give them a target to shoot at which should optimally be protected by smoke. 5. Win Things to keep in mind though: Always have enough ammo for every fight, if you dont theres no way you can beat it, even if the aliens would let you. Switch your scapegoat if it is near death/destruction. The pin down tactic is very effective, and explosives are too, but keep in mind only 1 explosion on the same unit gets counted per instance, so 10 c4 dont do more than 1 if they all explode at the same time No plan survives first contact. Always adapt to your circumstances. Heres an exemplary performance for this: Heres another clever play which takes advantage of the environment. Good luck Commander !
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