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  1. Both of this points greatly profit from the money flow fact, which i will explain down below. When i coded the time requirements for researches and manufactures i wanted to make sure that the total time for all those projects was more or less the amount i wanted to get tested, not the individual research/manufacture time for each project although this received a crude balancing as well. Once I 1. actually let you feel the money screw pressing down on your possibilities and 2. am satisfied with the total amount of hours and start to move around the time requirements appropriately you will feel the real deal. So this seems a point that a lot of people miss. I wrote in the OP that the money and ressources economy of the game hasnt been balanced yet and only have the lowest requirement, so Phase 1 requirement. Once you are past that stage the money and alloy keeps flowing almost endlessly. Specifically because the alien base datacore is the same for all phases and has phase 3-4 sell value. There is a crude balancement in place for everything but the bottom line in all of those is that the player should have enough for every possible situation. So why this design decision ? When we came out with the beta i wanted to make sure that every player has the possibility to see as much as possible of this mod to give feedback and have fun. This is why every requirement is basically Phase 1 requirement. We are still far away from the 1.0 version but as the development progresses we will slowly, steadily and properly increase the money, time and ressource requirements. Starting at the end of phase 1 and slowly going up to phase 4 until we are at a level we are satisfied with. For now i believe its the proper thing that nobody gets kept away from playing this game because he or she simply lacks the money or ressources to proceed in the campaign. Once we establish a foothold and every player knows this game is hard then will be the time to put the player under the challenge of the lack of money and ressources.
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