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  1. Yes, i spoil them finally. Those are the new aliens, all images finished, coding is still on at Draku. Final six are new Draconian race which will join to game later. First four are cyber dog and drone mech from robocop to Androns. - Cyber dog or robodog as i say short, are very fast melee units to support slow androns. They are seek and destroy units. Their biggest difference from other xenomorphs and reapers, they are anti vehicle. Their bite got a huge EMP shock and they got a shock wave detonation when they died. But don't worry they can tear flesh easily too.. - New mech will be a replacement for andron mechs probably because it fits much more to the game. - Mantiraptor, as you see there got a raptoristic body, some alien horns and paws.. his mantis claws are enough to make you 2 piece. Again fast and deadly. He will be at sebs side, as a lesser reaper. - Endacore is a huge alien brute creature which will take a side with sebs again like the xenomorphs heavy units. You won't want it near your soldiers. As the new things we got from solver, we will have evolution chains now. What is this mean? For example you will see many xeno eggs at the map.. after 5 turn, those egg will become a drone.. after 5 turn it will be a walker.. then preadetorian and then queen.. if you don't kill that creature in given time, you doomed. Same for sebillians as mantiraptor will become reaper and a reaper becomes endacore.. Addition to that, a lame little alien, could turn a human to a much worse creature when it bites.. As our choices are endless here, we don't know what chains we will create. Enough spoilers.. i go sleep.. cya!
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