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Really impressed with milestone 2

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I'm super impressed with milestone 2 and just wanted to start by saying thank you for the Devs for listening to the community in regards to the cleaners!

One of my favourite things about X2 and milestone 2 is how the initial invasion doesn't start immediately and I feel that milestone 2 is definitely more drawn out from what it was in the past update which in my opinion was needed to expand upon the cleaners as an enemy. The first mission was great and I like how if you capture the commander you get a pop up with some info, such a small thing but provides a nice bit of lore for us fans. It would be nice to see something similar in conjunction with the aliens. Maybe like capturing an alien commander/officer from some sort of command UFO or alien base could provide intel of when to expect the next terror mission or something or how far the invasion has progressed so we have an idea of what research to prioritise next over something else.

The rescue soldiers mission was a nice unique twist that I didn't expect, and I'd like to say I think it would be a nice feature to have down the line in regard for the aliens too. Perhaps you have to assault a base and rescue soldiers or civilians, kind of like the abduction missions but we're instead assaulting a facility where we're tasked with rescuing human captives/soldiers for a bonus in funding or a reduction in panic on the continent the base is located. 

The convey missions were incredibly fun, although they're very easy compared to the standard missions we're given, they're incredibly fun to do and remind me in a way of the total war franchise take that they do on ambush scenarios. I think the only thing I could really suggest on this one is perhaps certain conveys have certain contents such as accelerated weapons, alien alloys, or alenium.

I experienced my first VIP mission last night which I gotta say was quite challenging but was also incredibly fun and unique, I'm unsure if they were in milestone 1, but I got to say I'm so impressed with the thought that's being put into the missions with the cleaners. Again, I'd also like to say that I think it would be nice to perhaps have that fleshed out later down the line and implemented into the alien invasion side of things, perhaps being tasked with rescuing a high value target like a politician or a country leader, perhaps with the failure conditions being catastrophic to the player, maybe a major decrease in funding for a month or two or even as far as losing them as a contributor to our funding depending on the continent/countries they represent, kind of similar to the first mission failure conditions of if you lose, you lose the game, but perhaps not that extreme of course.

Overall I got to say I'm thoroughly impressed with milestone 2. I love the new mission types and new lore that's been added and I hope it'll go as far as being similar to X1 and X1:CE in-terms of said lore. I'm very excited for the cruiser type being added in milestone 3 whenever that may be and even more so excited for alien bases and the battleship class in whatever milestone that'll be in (I know it'll be some time but I'm incredibly hyped for the full release of this game in the far future). I'm hoping we'll one day get something similar to the vehicles we had in X1, and perhaps the upping of difficulty in terror missions as I remember veteran difficulty X1 terror missions feeling like you're truly fighting a losing battle in the early to mid game stages of the game.

I love the small things, one example is like I said before about capturing the officer in the first mission, I'd love to see more of that, I guess similar to X1:CE with pop-ups about the invasion and what to expect along with progression, the pop-ups to do with enemy types and then perhaps something similar to the firaxis xcom in regards to a simple mission briefing similar to what we get in the early stages of X2. Another thought I had was when you get the new transport aircraft, the loading screen art changing to that said aircraft before dropping into a mission, it's a very small thing but I'd love it nevertheless.

Thank you Goldhawk interactive for all the hard work and painstaking hours you're putting in to make this game truly stand out whilst continuing to make such an entertaining and thoroughly enjoyable experience for us fans.

I'm looking forward to what you have in store for us all in the future and will eagerly wait for milestone 3 after finishing my second run of X2 with anticipation. In the meantime, back Xenonauts 1! 



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