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Found 2 results

  1. So I'm planning to fill the remaining empty slots for extra tilesets in X:CE. There's currently 5 unused slots for landing/crash sites and 4 for terror missions. I've put up two polls with some suggestions that won't be too hard to create by mixing edited existing tilesets with some new stuff. Please only select your top 5/top 4 and if you have any other suggestions that won't be too hard to implement then feel free to share them.
  2. This question has probably been asked and answered already (didn't find anything when I searched though), but how many different types of terrain is planned? Jungle, Desert, Steppe, towns (western, middle-eastern, asian, african, south-american), cities (same geographical varieties apply), leaf-tree forest, needle-tree forest, farmland, mountain (rock/forest/snow?), tundra, coast (there should be variants of this with all of the different themes) and arctic are the minimum if you ask me. Also, will there be seasonal differences on terrain type? Also, will there be height differences in the terrain or will all maps be flat? And lastly, will there be different weather-types? For example hunting down a crashed U.F.O. in the arctic during a storm would give a really cool The Thing-like atmosphere. As I see it, this is (together with a functional A.I.) the last piece of the puzzle before I can start enjoying this game fully - I already know that I like the general design of everything else, so much depends on how this is handled. What is known at this point? *EDIT* Something that would be really cool was if the weather was visually represented on the geoscape, so that if you could see formations of rainclouds over the crash-site, there will be a high chance of rain in the battlescape. These things could have effects on vision range, weapon accuracy and such things. This would mean that you might have to make a tough call beforehand - say if you're stuck with rookies, and a U.F.O crashes in a powerful lightning storm, you might just decide to bomb the site instead because your rookies won't be able to handle those conditions, or do you send them in, risking your whole crew, or do you wait and hope that the weather changes before the aliens scatter or gets picked up by their allies who will most probably slaughter or abduct all the civilians at the site?