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Found 1 result

  1. Warning: I am running with my own personal tweaks and modifications, but little is changed about fire except for fire light radius, explosive fire start chance, and unit sight range. I'm not sure if you could call it a bug but since I don't see anyone complaining about grass and fires, it seems like it isn't a common occurrence. Basically, on a night mission I started out by firing a rocket onto an alien standing in the grass. This caused some fires to start and spread after a fairly lengthy pause. The thing about this case is that calculations for fire spread turn (after the alien phase) became longer and longer, if it wasn't pretty long from the start already. Near the end it got to the point where I was waiting for 10 minutes per turn before regaining control. I have started fires before at night and it wasn't anywhere near this bad, although in this particular map the fire was constantly spreading amongst the tall grass. I tried to look away from the fire tiles as I advanced towards the UFO to see if that would help, but during the few times that I did have sight of the fire I saw that just as the game was becoming responsive again, the fire tiles seemed to shift around multiple times in the very last second. Perhaps I tripped some bug that caused the fire spread code to go on a very long loop, or maybe that some fire tiles were dissipating and then re-ignited by nearby fire tiles over and over? I'm not sure how fire in this game is programmed. Also, as the turns went by and the fire spread even more, the animations of my soldiers started getting really choppy. If no one was moving though, looking and scrolling around the map was normal and smooth. In any case, the problem seems to only be excessive calculation times, as I was able to complete the mission eventually. I can provide a save file if needed.