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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, all! I was hoping to be able to resist the siren call of Xenonauts, but alas it's lure proved too strong and I had to give it a go. I could pretend I'm sad or something - but yeah, no. So far I'm extremely pleased with the game, the direction, and most of all the wonderfully depressed faces on each and every human. More games need that~ More seriously though, there's a lot of ground I wanted to cover. Some of this is possibly not WAD though I didn't think anything was enough to warrant a bug report. Starting off, the lack of funds at the beginning of the game... I can't tell if I like it or not. On the one hand, actually having to sell alien artefacts is great and really makes you feel like you're pulling by on the skin of your teeth - but given the rate you hemorrhage money, it seems like it might fit the tone of the game better to instead make players think it won't be a problem, only for newbies to invest lots of money and get a pleasant surprise as funding is cut, and cut, and cut again. On the third hand though - I don't think I've ever gotten any better than good on a mission. I usually stun any aliens that aren't at full attention, as stun rods are quite handy, and am pretty good about avoiding civilian casualties... Mine or alien in cause. I don't reload in-stage, though I never ironman (I've just never understood the appeal), and I take a fairly long time to complete stages. I'm guessing the last one is holding my 'rank' back? This seems like a bug, though given my previously low (not terrible, just had drifted from average to bad) relation with the US, it could just be cause and effect: After a terror mission in Anchorage, which I completed successfully, I received several instances of "Terror Mission In Anchorage!!" pop up. Having just won the previous mission with a mostly green squad, I was in no condition to fight again and I assumed it was just the escorts from the landed craft bugging up or something; then I received multiple reports of Anchorage nuking itself, though my rating didn't seem to change at all. Figuring it was an appearance error, I ignored them and continued playing; only to find out that this month I've lost all of North America. I don't have any backup saves, so - WAD? (And if so, is there a way to restore relations, or did I just 'Terror from the Deep' it?) Chinook range seems a bit low. Would it be possible to build underway refueling points? I reckon it's probably too much to ask at this point in the game, but it might be cool to have extra installations that can come under attack from aliens... Or perhaps even humans. Weapon and armor upgrades seem really good, if a bit linear and almost not worth the investment. Given how rare money is, investing in bases and even in green squaddies seems more useful, as if you're a good enough player you'll be avoiding most shots in the first place. The first armor upgrade doesn't seem to be worth the money and time at all, whereas the wolf/buzzard suits are very usable, though again - perhaps not as important as another base, or a dropship, or an interceptor... It doesn't really feel like a choice, as you need power projection even to play - so all the cool extra upgrades are put off, and by the time you have cashflow to invest in them, something better (and more money/time intensive) has come along. I'm sure the problem is worse on Insane... Hunters... I don't know about the other (if there are any) armored vehicles yet, but these are definitely not worth the investment, even with Pulse Lasers. They are useful as cover, definitely, and both the rocket and laser attachments are fantastically effective; but the Hunter is too bulky to make up for the fact you're technically getting half the possible actions. And of course, machines don't self-improve like human resources do. That being said, again - that Pulse Laser is something. Very satisfying, 10/10 in alien zorching. Lore is fantastic. I feel like I personally know not only my squads, but the head of R&D. Clearly we'd be firm friends. Heh. There aren't enough games set in this time period with a serious setting - the only game that comes to mind being the in-dev East Vs. West - and you capture that as well as the feel of X-Com... Which isn't an easy feat, especially as Xenonauts is trying and succeeding at standing on its own merits. I don't know if I've got the time, but would you mind if I did a screenshot AAR/Let's Play of this at some point, or would you prefer people wait till beta is over? What else... One of my soldiers has no portrait or hands, just transparencies where they should be. This is definitely a bug, but please don't fix it. I've grown very attached to Джанна Живаневская, Invisible Woman. Of course, she can only turn invisible when there are no aliens around, so it's usefulness in combat is a bit less then optimal, but I remain convinced that humble invisibility is they key to not dying before the next budget report. Winning I mean. Winning. Yes. Again - fantastic so far, and thanks for surprising me and keeping me amazingly optimistic about the future of gaming. Congrats on getting into beta, onto steam, &c&c!