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Found 1 result

  1. First off, I want to say that I'm not someone who really cares about the whole trading cards thing that Steam has going, but there are a few reasons why Xenonauts should do them anyways. 1) Steam trading cards seem easy to implement. From what I can gather, it's mostly just artwork and some fluff description. A lot games including those with small development teams seem to have been able to do it (e.g. Prison Architect). 2) It will help sell the game. Practically all of us here bought Xenonauts because we are fans of the tactical turn based shooter genre, so it doesn't apply to us. It will apply, however, to the people who do care about Steam trading cards. A little extra money and attention from those people probably won't hurt. 3) It doesn't have to be implemented now. The trading cards can probably be added later when the game is well polished. Although I think implementing the trading cards sooner rather than later will help more since there's a relatively small number of games that have them. Implementing the cards later will mean less of a spotlight for Xenonauts. Tl;dr Implement steam trading cards because it seems to be a cheap way to get extra attention and money.