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Found 3 results

  1. I heard about this game through Steam, saw that it was an early access game there and figured it was Steam-exclusive. Was excited anyway, bought it. Only to discover afterward that the same price would've bought me Humble/Desura + Steam, or a GoG.com copy of awesomeness. Unless Steam Cloud is ever planned for this game, I can't imagine a reason I would want to run it on Steam. Is there a way to get the Humble/Desura and/or GoG.com copies at a reduced price if you have a verifiable Steam purchase? I'd understand if there was a small fee, but surely it could be done somehow? Or do those lucky sods who buy there get Steam access for free, and I have to pay 20 for a DRM-free copy?
  2. What the title asks. I'd like to, if possible. I tried using the search but I couldn't come up with anything specific to my case. Sorry if its a repost.
  3. Hi. I'm about to purchase Xenonauts, but I had a question first. I read that was saying something like future sales will be done through HumbleBundle (or something like that), as well as Steam. Is the HumbleBundle version just a Steam version (so both would require Steam), is the the HumbleBundle version like other HumbleBundle versions, where you can just download it and play it directly on your computer without the need to log in? I have a Steam account, and am fine with Steam, but if the HumbleBundle version is 'independent' (not needing Steam), I'd prefer to get it from them. Also, is the HumbleBundle version only for the final, or will it be available for the 'early access' version? I'm getting it, either way... I'd just prefer a non-Steam (or, specifically, a non-sign in) version if it's available. No biggie, but that would be the preferred version for me. Just checking before I get it.