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Found 1 result

  1. I think it would be a great addition to the game to see more control over our soldier's appearance. One of the things that I loved about X-Com: Enemy Unknown was the ability to actually create a character and being able to control how they looked. Also, the ability to give them armor colors or something along those lines would add a huge amount of immersion and personality to the soldiers. In all of the X-Com games and some of the UFO series games, I had a very deep connection to my characters because I had the ability to look and feel like my friends or other iconic people to me. I feel that it adds a certain level of caring to your soldiers. Especially playing on Ironman Mode and knowing that if my Sgt. Lazzell gets capped by an alien, it'll be the last I see of him D: I would very much enjoy the ability to change my soldiers hair/color/armor color/ect therefore giving them more life and personality. Oh, and adding the ability to give our soldiers armor/weapons camo would be AWESOME. I mean, BEYOND AWESOME. My second suggestion is weapon customization. You guys will read this and think I am pulling this straight from Call of Duty, but I am not. I would like the ability add weapon attachments and the likes. Something even as simple as a scope, therefore giving an accuracy boost to the weapon. Or even a bayonet to go along with the melee attacks. Anything along those lines. I feel like it would give a tactical/immersion bonus to be able to actually have to think about your soldier's equipment. But, overall, very great game so far.