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  1. First off, I love the demo and thought it was pretty good for a work in progress, so much so that I bought in on Kickstarter at the $65.00 level. The one thing I would like to see introduced into the game, which was in the original XCOM series (and Fallout Tactics), is the ability to lay prone. This would assist with minimizing the profile of your Squaddie in combat. For example, I place my designated marksman on the roof to provide cover but I want them to go prone versus only kneeling, to minimize their exposure to enemy fire. I always enjoyed this aspect of the original series and have been disappointed that the reboots failed to include it. Another place it would be beneficial is when moving your Squaddie through open terrain, such as the desert, fields, vacant lots, arctic tundras, etc, where cover is sparse or to attempt to lessen the damage of enemy explosives detonating. Please give some serious thought to adding this feature and have a great day :) BTW, thank you all for creating Xenonauts and Xenonauts 2 so that those of us who wasted hours/years of our lives playing Xcom for its tactical brilliance, can still have a game that follows so closely in its footsteps (and thank you for not adding an instruction manual that's as thick as a War & Peace novel, such as the original Xcom's instruction manual...lol!).
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