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Found 2 results

  1. Hey folks i was just curius im taking a look at the kickstarter version of the game and im quite impressed to say the least i can see a diamond being cut and shaped. but one thing stabbed me in the eye its that every mission i participated in happend on the same map i remember Xcom´s most promising feature being random map generation is this just this demo that acts this way or hasn´t random map gen been implimented yet? also Do aliens do "terror" missions where they inhabit a larger map. anyways i closed the game and intend to play it once it has been finished keep up the good work.
  2. Hi all, Sorry, just a quick question that I'd like a little clarification on. I've read the information I can find regarding the way the tactical mission maps are going to be semi randomly generated, but I just want to clarify something. At present, in the current build, every time I have a tactical mission, the Chinook lands in the bottom left of the map and there's always a large open area to the right and a fenced off section directly in front of the exit ramp. How will this change in later versions of the game? Are there several basic setups for each tileset (so, there'll be a city map where the Chinook lands in the upper right corner, next to...a warehouse and a shop, for example)? Or is it just the limitations of the current build which means I'm getting the same landing zone every time? Thanks in advance for any help!
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