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  1. Training is about to be/has been removed from the game. Having outlined some possible squad roles, I was thinking about the training that could be put into place to support them. Training seems to have come up a lot a while ago, particularly here and on the old forums, but there have been issues. From the forums, the following points seem to have a consensus:- - Skills should be advanced in the Battlescape as much as possible. As many skills listed below are gained incrementally directly from battlescape encounters. - Micromanagement of training should be minimised. There are no training tiers. Soldiers either gain directly from combat or are deselected during training. So, either automatic or one nand done. - Skills are not perks. There should be no unrealistic special powers given to soldiers. No unrealistic superpower type abilities in the list. - Skills should be available to all soldiers. The use of roles below is purely suggestive and would not limit any soldier gaining any skill. - Soldiers should not be locked into a single, specific role. As no skills are locked in, it increases the scope to have a unique squad with every game. - Skills should reflect actual conditions/ functions within the game, to keep some realism. There is an emphasis on combat oriented skills, to keep things as close to the battlescape as possible The mount of adding content to the game to add new training regimes would be too much. training courses below are kept to the same approach as Basic training where possible. - Soldiers approaching the final mission should not be cookie cutter troops with similar stats/skills/equipment. With any number of skill combinations, there is little danger of generic final mission soldiers. - Skill bonuses should be increased gradually and are not the result of a single action. Each skill gained on the battlescape should be gained in a series of smaller steps, until the full bonus is received. - Skill increases are more difficult, the higher the skill level they are at. A step further would be to increase the length of time it takes to received a full bonus, with each progressive step further away form the last. - Soldiers may only train in a set number of skills at a time, when not in combat. Considering the training allocation, it is likely that a soldier will have to train in one skill at a time. A cap on the total number of non-battlescape skills is open for discussion. So bearing these points in mind, and with the allowance of having a bit of freedom since this isn’t likely to be seen in game, here are some suggestions. From the previous Roles thread, I’ve listed primary and secondary roles suggested within the game, with associated skills. This is followed by generic skills. After this, there is more freedom with ideas that are very unlikely to ever be seen in the vanilla game, but that are either interesting to consider or have been useful in previous X-Com games. This post started off form ideas around avoiding cookie cutter soldiers, after all. The final post, is a breakdown of the skills with brief introductions of the game play mechanisms.
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