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Found 1 result

  1. Seeing as the update maps for the farm tileset have now been out in the wild for some time, I would like to ask for some feedback on the experiences people have had playing on them. I am currently in the process of working through all the other maps in the game, which is an enormous job, so any feedback you guys can give me now about glaring omissions or problems would be very helpful. In particular (and keep in the mind this has only been applied to FARM MAPS thus far): Size - are the sizes of the maps fitting for the scale of battles you find yourself fighting at each tier of UFO? The sizes of the maps are as follows: Small maps are 60x60 (and they can spawn with light scouts, scout and corvettes), medium maps are 60x80 (corvettes, landing ships and cruisers) and large maps are 40x100 (cruisers, carriers and battleships). The large maps are that odd shape because much of the action in those maps is intended to happen inside the UFO, with only a (relatively) minor skirmish happening outside. Randomisation - I have tried in all the maps to define a set of at least 2, sometimes 3, positions that the UFOs and dropships can spawn at. The hope is that even playing on the same map repeatedly should not be the same experience if both the player and the UFO start in different relative positions from each other. This means some spawn configurations might encourage quick missions, while some longer. How do you guys find this? Is it effective? Submaps - as with randomisation above, I have also made a determination that each building submap should have at least 2 and more often 3 randomly chosen configurations, with as significant a difference between each as possible. This is quite a bit of work, even with the farm buildings which are fairly simple (I am working on industrial buildings now and they are complicated and so take even longer) but again I hope the effect of never being able to predict what buildings might be like, even if you have seen the map before, makes it worth it. Realism - I feel that some of my new farm maps are probably less "realistic" looking than the older revisions of them, but as a result they are probably also more interesting tactical spaces. How do people feel about this? I get the impression we perhaps worry about realism in the maps too much, and once you are actually playing the game you don't notice these inconsistencies in how things are placed in the game vs. how you might expect in the real world. So basically, any and all feedback on the farm maps greatly appreciated. If you want to have your say about maps now is the time because, as I said, I am just about to start working my way through all the other sets and it will be much more likely for me to incorporate feedback as I go, rather than once they are all finished.
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