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  1. WHAT IS THIS? Imagine you boot up Xenonauts and fight off the alien invasion with soldiers memorable not only by their stats and maybe a name, but also their face. How awesome would that be? Currently I'm looking for guys who'd want to help out make this come true. To mod a face, all one needs to do is edit two pictures: soldiers profile pic (used in missions and soldiers profile) and face for armors. They're relatively easy to edit, since the second one is simply a face that's adjusted to fit into all the armors. In other words one needs to: 1) Find a face. 2) Photoshop it into 2 pics. 3) Upload files to teams' google drive and update google doc with characters already in use. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WHAT'S THE PLAN? Currently there are about 120 soldier faces. Ideally the mod will replace all of them. Provided that team size will be about 10 people and each member will make 1 face per day, mod will be finished in two weeks. Best case scenario - 10 souls big dev team and random strangers sending in his favourite char, which can decrease mod development to a week. Worst case - I'll continue working alone, until I reach 30 chars and finish up the mod. After the mod is finished, anyone can do anything with it - reuse for another mod, update, modify etc. regardless of his contribution to the development. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW? To join the team - simply write a request, and send in an example of your work. To send in the pics - also write here. Do not forget to provide a link to original source of the face, since somebody may wish to improve it, if your work was sloppy, but worth the attention. To access photos that needs editing, go to - Xenonauts/assets/soldierimages or soldierimagesfemale/faces and edit any picture. This one will serve as a profile pic, so any kinds of crazy heads and haircuts work here, as long as they fit into the frame. Technically, one can even completely replace the image, but we want to stay true to the game, right? Then go to soldierimages/armour.something, pick any face and replace it with the one of your choice. After that's done, pick all armours stored in the soldierimages folder and check if face fits in just fiiiine. If that's done - congrats. If not - repeat. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To give you the idea, I've quickly prepared an example in around 30 mins. A profile pic in the corner, and a head fitted into one of the armors. ==================================================================== Day 01 Shinichi - Parasyte Day 02 - I'm still alone... Lancer (The most awesome one) - Fate Series Day 03 - Hello, it's me... I was wondering if after all these days you'd like to join me Satoru - Erased Day 04 - I know you want to join the team, lurker Yoji - GATE Day 05 - Is that good enough tonight, hope that's good enough tonight~ Saitama - One Punch Man !! !! !! !! ALERT !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! I'll be leaving my cave for a supply run, so I probably won't be updating/responding for a week. I'll try to find a bonfire and communicate with smoke singals while I'm at it, but can't guarantee anything. Don't worry, I have no plans to abandon this. Day 06 - You can't stop this train, I'm running on grit, sweat and love ~ Haku - Utawarerumono For Day 07 - In case I don't make it... Just remember, Daddy loves you Yoshitake - Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou For Day 08 - See bar-for-bar, I keep it pushing no R&R Kagari - Psycho-Pass Day 09-10 Akabayashi - Durarara Kuraha - Noragami Yes, I'm back. No, it's not my one-eye fetish Day 11-12 Time to crank the heat up with some fabulous Miyoshi - Joker Game Sakamoto - Sakamoto Desu Ga? Day 13-14 Do the impossible, Shop the unshoppable, Row row fight da powah! Kuzuya - Planetarian Kamina - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Day 15-16 Feeling black today Agil - Sword Art Online Zapp - Kekkai Sensen Day 17-18 YOUR waifu needs you! Join now to ensure her everlasting popularity! Chelsea - Akame Ga Kill Chise - Mahoutsukai no Yome
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