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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, First time posting so her it goes....Really love the game so far only downloaded it 2 days ago.....incidentally had down loaded x-com 2 terror from the deep (was feeling nostalgic) before it and found it impossible to play....so I came across your game on steam Just a thought and sorry if someone else has already suggested it With the x-com the only win scenario was going mars and fighting their home base..... I do watch a lot of scifi and few senarios always pop up. 1. another win scenario perhaps an alien in house rebellion? find some captured aliens on a space ship allows recruitment to the squad of a few non humans but in the long run have a few missions to help aid them perhaps with an alternate ending. 2. Shadow council - most scifi series have a alternate undercover organisation generally doing things to hinder and ninja a lot stolen alien tech for their own rewards. Perhaps they could be separate squad that you encounter on a missions that hinder you like throwing flash bangs but will engage the aliens over you? perhaps discovered a dead squad inside a spaceship? or capture some of their members with stun grenades and opens up dialogue boxes? 3. selling a lot of tech on the market will lead to countries getting solely behind you and if enough countries get behind you then an alternate ending maybe like most conflicts/wars conflicts that low tech guerrilla tactics can make the cost of taking/staying of the greater force to costly and then back out (im by no means political so no trolling please) Just suggestions and I do have more but don't want an exhaustive wall of text and I enjoy the game as it is. Thanks
  2. Just played X-Com Cydonia mission (beginner ) The end is nice enough, but it doesn't allow you to look one last time at your troops and see just how many they actually got to kill including that last mission. I'd quite like to see you return to your base one more time, or have a screen with some stats on it as a tab you can view after the mission. Just a thought.
  3. Hi there, i remember in xcom1 there was a big Base. What is it in xenonauts? What about a big UFO or a big Starship? Any plans about that last fight? thanks
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