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Found 1 result

  1. I know this bug is reported already, maybe this video save some time cause you guys dont need to play yourself to see this bug... First i want to say its only my opinion about the actual game state. I copied this Thread aswell to the suggestion area cause its a correlated mixed bug/opinion thread. Alien behaviour: Most aliens do rush your troups now, only a few stay in ship and take cover. Its funny and challenging, but i would like that there are behaviour classes for aliens. Example (Random behaviour with percentage): - 30-50% chance that aliens are offensive (rushing aliens, aggressive and flank tactics) - 10-30% chance that aliens are defensive (defensive aliens) - rest mixed (they just switch betweend defensive and offensive behaviour) Aliens should react on sight only: I also still hate that aliens do everytime know where you are, they always look towards the nearest soldier even if they didnt seen em. Aswell they just rush directly towards your troops while they didnt seen your troops before, thats pretty unrealistic. Especially Wraiths (teleport aliens) are totally overpowered now, they just teleport directly in or behind your troups and killing anyone, i dont think its fun at all that they can teleport right into your troups and kill them easily (even Wolf Armour doesnt help if one teleports right near you and shoots you). If you dont want to delete that teleport ability then i suggest that they get less hp and smaller weaponry "pistols" instead of blaster and rifles which kills your troups quite easily. Or maybe set their AP`s to 0 or to a smaller amount after teleport that they cant shoot at you or atleast not 2-3times like now. - Chrysallids have too much AP`s - Androns take cover while description says they dont, making them extremely powerfull cause they hit very often and hard - Too much camping aliens in commander room in alien bases "8 Androns easily crush your troups" Maybe be set a maximum? "4 aliens" + "commander" Geoscape: - I like they new feature "Airstrike" but it gives you not enough money, doing a crashsite "Large ship for example - normal difficulty" gives you around 190k cash or even more (had one time 240k) + relations + soldier improvement + alien technology + monthly cash income while airstrike gives you only 80k cash. Airstrike should aswell give you a little bit +relations and +monthly cash income and a bit more instant cash cause you prevented that this alien ship does attack the country/navy ships etc. etc. Local Forces: - Very weak - Very inaccurate - Dont react realistic, they mostly sit on same position (not even in cover) and if they move then they move to a stupid position. In my opinion they should move into corners or atleast into cover cause they are scared but not dumb, aswell a bit more accuracy so that the situation looks more fun and realistic. Civilians: - React very stupid too, mostly sit in open fields not taking cover at all - Should move towards xenonauts and running away from aliens in a intelligence way "a civilist would run into cover or towards/behind friendly forces and stay then. Ground Battle: - Many shots dont count even if they visually hit - Many shots hit visually but end in a "ground hit" animation - Suppressed aliens or crouching ones are extremely hard to hit even if they hit visual. You can shoot them while you are directly near them and still dont hit most time. - Faster animations "shooting -moving" would make the game look much more nice.
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