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Found 2 results

  1. Dear developers! I beg you to think about porting Xenonauts to Android. I do not have the opportunity to play on the PC (although I have a PC), because I do not have time for it. I am 33 years, I have a small child and a pile of household chores after work. The only free time is about two hours a day, when I am in the subway. Under the ground I take my smartphone on Android with me. Subway in my city transport about 2.7 million people daily. I'm sure that half of them have smartphones, which they use to play (possibly). Let`s suppose that 10% of this amount would be happy to play Xenonauts. Then we get 130,000 customers. This is statistically incorrect and mathematically approximate figure, but quite big. Look at it. And once more. Still not convinced? Then take a look at the statistics of sales of smartphones, it`s inspiring. Who else would like to play Xenonauts on Android? Please post your wish.
  2. Hello, After the game is released for desktops, I suggest a tweaked GUI version for tablets. The iPad is best suited for the tactical strategy genre, yet it is severely lacking those type of games. Any chances for this?
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