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Found 3 results

  1. So, I read the prologue "Crimson Dagger" in the extras at the start-up of Xenonauts, and I was wondering, would the story of Mikhail Alexander and the 1958 Iceland incident make a good gameplay tutorial (If there's going to be one) for Xenonauts 2? If yes, it could later show how Kseniya Alexander got invited into the Xenonauts program, and have her become one of the many soldiers the player starts with. It's just a thought. Plus, the story of "Crimson Dagger" is pretty emotional. In my opinion, it could make the player REALLY pissed at the aliens, and give a nice good launch to start the game off with.
  2. ...because I cant open threads into the Xenonauts 2 topic. Oh btw.. my english is not that good, so ask if something is not understandable. Introduction: Ive played Xenonauts for 75 Hours now, and cant manage to win a game. Thats very good. So the "Veteran" difficult mode is perfectly balanced. Means, its very hard, but with every new try, I think I can make it this time. But while im playing I beginn to miss more and more "features" in the game. So I will list this up and see if something find its way to Xenonauts 2. I know that this game follow along the basics of another game (XCOM) that I never played. But I am an old Jagged Alliance veteran and feel very comfortable near the Xenonauts gameplay. Equipment ----------------------------------- I was missing a lot of variety inside the Equipment menu. There are just US-Weapons, and not much (and we are international right?). So why dont bring a better selected weaponary in the game. For example, the most used weapons world wide in the 1970s: Aussault Rifle: M16 Good accuracy Medium range Can fire full, burst and semi automatic Medium Armor Penetration Medium weight High chance to jam. [*]AK-47 Medium accuracy Medium range Can fire full and semi automatic High Armor Penetration Medium weight Medium jam Chance [*]HK G3 Good accuracy Medium range Can fire full, burst and semi automatic High Armor Penetration Heavy weight Low jam chance [*]FN FAL Medium accuracy Medium range Can fire semi and burst automatic High armor penetration Heavy weight No jam chance. Machine Pistol: IMI UZI Low accuracy Short range Can fire full and burst automatic Medium Armor penetration Very low weight High jam chance [*]HK MP-5 Medium accuracy Short range Can fire full, burst and semi automatic Medium Armor penetration Low weight Low Jam chance [*]Sterling L2A3 Medium accuracy Medium range Can fire full, and burst automatic Good armor penetration Medium weight Medium Jam chance Sniper Rifles (in fact we have no ranges in military grade in this game, so we should go for police weapons) Walther WA 2000 High accuracy Good range Can fire semi automatic High armor penetration Heavy weight No Jam chance [*]Steyr Mannlicher SSG 69 Very high accuracy Very good range Can fire single bolt action (reload after each shot) High armor penetration Medium weight Very low jam chance [*]Springfield Armory M14 DMR High accuracy Medium range Can fire single and burst automatic High armor penetration High weight Very low jam chance And many more, if you want me to complete the list, I will do. But for now: This is just a "idea" of what I mean. More weapons with different Pro´s and Con´s. Additional to the variety of weapons, I would love to customize them. For example: Reflex/Red-Dot -sight Reflex-Scope gives + 10 to "reflex" Red-Dot-Sight +5 to Reflex and +5 to accuracy [*]Sniper/Hunting Scope Hunting Scope + 10 to "accuracy" Sniper Scope + 15 to "accuracy" [*]Under Barrel Grenade Launcher: Gives the ability to fire grenates over a long range Laser Pointer: +5 Accuracy and +10 to luck on reflex shots in enemy turns Flashlight: +10 to range and +5 accuracy in night missions. Would be nice. It grands lots more control to the player´s team and you have enough room for DLC´s and Add-Ons ;D Also I would love if the time between ballistic weapons and super-cyber-laser-punk weapons would increase. Currently, its my fourth playthrough and I need not more then 10 minutes to step into laser weapons and wolf armors. Thats to short. Ground Battle ----------------------------------- General Movement There are some points I was missing in Ground Combat. First of all, I can not lay down. In my eyes this is a core feature of tactic round-based combat. Also, I missed the option to move crouching. Grenades Small obstacles like fences and low walls should not hinder my grenade accuracy, that is a no-go. Also the chance to miss a grenade throw should be better calculated (its a elite force of the best soldiers worldwide, not the third degree girl-sport-lesson). Respect your Lore! ^^ in the Lore you told me, the Sybillians have bad eyes and a low sight. Stay away before you shoot, you say. But they shoot sharper then my snipers, on ANY distance. Also the Caesarian Aliens should be fragile .. but they can hold the same amount of damage like others. Androns should play stupid because the cant calculate wounds and the mention of "dying". But they act like all others: Come out, shoot, go out of sight begind obstacles. Poor Sight The line of sight should be more adjusted. Whenever I start a mission, I face the following situation: I got shot down from the "nothing" (fog of war). All aliens have more vision then my soldiers. Regardless if Ceasarians (with perfect eyes) or Sybillians (with bad sight) they all attack me before I come close to their range.. miles between me and them. This result in the fact, that most soldiers die, just because I need to lead them to where the shots come from. Cosmetic If my shot miss, let it look like I "missed" my shot in a realistic order. Currently my sniper shoots and the bullet hits the ground 1 meter after leaving the barrel. Or hit something 5 meters away from the target. I mean, ok, 95% chance to hit and miss is hard enough, but sometimes it looks like I have a idiot on the rifle that barely knows how not to harm himself with it. Civilians and local forces. I think it is a good idea to make the Chinook closable. So that I can search civilans, and lead them to my helicopter as a safe place. They should react to my presence. Always walking towards me to stay covered behind. But the just run into their doom. Also local forces should stay back, because: The boss is now here. In real life there is no difference. If the .. uhm.. where do you come from? Usa? yeah, if the SWAT or Homeland Security enter the stage, the local police have to leave the area of operation. This is basic. Hide and seek. While just my shield-guy is protected and not the guy behind him, aliens never stay covered. They just walk out of sight. I think at least the Sybillians and the Cesarians should use walls and fences to crouch behind. Missions ----------------------------------- Currently we have: Bringing Terror to alien bases Stop Terror attacks from Aliens Clear Crashsites (and landing places where you find crashed ufos ?) Air-Fights Defend your base against invasions Cool. But let me try to extend this list a bit. Free deported prisioners from a Alien Base Scout and infiltrate Alien Operations (whithout being spotted) maybe sabotage or steal something?! Evacuate a city before a "wave based" alien attack starts. Assasination mission. Where you have to kill just one special alien leader Escort missions (Aircraft), you need to protect ships or special places with patrol or follow - flights. Escort missions (Ground Forces), you need to escort very importand persons from one place to another. Blow-things-up missions. Where I have to destroy any important object(and to give the C4 in my backpack a role) Hijack alien crafts. Hey guys, lets stay in the next tractor ray, I need a new UFO. Overall Gameplay ----------------------------------- I love this game, really. It provides me a lot of fun so far. Really good job. But I would love if things can slow down a bit. I already sayed that the step from ballistic to laser is to close. But also I miss the "fear" and the "panic" that a alien invasion would spread. A bit more "we are soo doomed" feeling would be nice. Also I see that the Money part is really unrealistic. Ok I understand you tried to hold sums low. But a full Fighter Airplane for 100.000? A elite force to defend the world with a start of 2.000.000 ? That turns things wierd. Producing a laser pistol cost me 20.000 So a Laser-Gatling, Allenium sidewinder missile armed fighter jet is worth 5 pistols?! Selling Laser technology brings me just the build-price. If I would sell a laser rifle im sure the NSA or CIA would give me, whatever I want for it ;D Sattelites would be nice. Our Orbit is flooded by spy-sattelites. Not only one of them can grand me access to defend human kind? Are they all to busy with listening innocent peoples telephone calls? Base Building. Why im limited in space? There is no reason for limitating me. I should have the option to build bases on the ocean. A Aircraft carrier for example. At least, the UFO spam is setting me up a bit. 90% of the time there is nothing happens. But then, 87489237 UFO'S come together and I cant do nothing against it. I can shoot down .. maybe ten of them. Then I have 10 Crashsides. Sending out my two teams, make the mission, have 5 Guys that go to hospital for 14 Days and what? Lost 8 crashsides. This result in: My team just do base-capture and Anti-Terror missions. All Ufo-Crashsides will be bombarded unless there is a new UFO-Type inbetween. So, thanks for reading. I hope there was one or two points that gives you a idea or a suggestion. If I find more interesting things, I edit this post. Best regards, VoidByte
  3. So this is about a Xenonauts sequal (doy!) I would hope it takes after xcom apocalypse it had so much potential and Chris and co are epic it would be awsome. I don't think they'll be able to crap out 4-5 sequels so let's make this one good then I wrap it up in a pretty bow send send it to Chris :-) Thoughts? Additions? Etc. etc. Criteria Title Description (preferably long and descriptive) An epic face/coolthing made by typing (wouldyoukindly)
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