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  1. I have a couple of suggestions. First, and most importantly, I don't think the game has "scaled up" quite enough to accommodate the larger resolutions of today's computers. The soldiers in the DOS XCOM games had short visual ranges, but it worked because the screen wasn't that big and it would probably be confusing to the player if he had to move three screens to find a line to his target. However, when you play UFO2000 on double-resolution, you can see just how comical it actually looks when you can't even see a target half a block away. As it is in Xenonauts, the soldiers can only see about 25 yards ahead of them, which ends up looking a bit silly at times. For example, you can see an entire vegetable patch in your screen, but the soldier at one end of the patch cannot see the alien at the other end, even though they are just two squares outside of visual range and it looks like they should be able to see each other. Likewise, I think the effective range of some of the weapons should be extended. What should be within the effective range for a handgun, and certainly an easy target for someone with an assault rifle, requires the sniper rifle to reliably hit. Along the same lines, I think it would be refreshing if all the maps weren't conveniently sectioned into 15 square chunks. It would be enjoyable, for example, if there were mostly flat maps, out in the middle of nowhere and devoid of citizens, where you could have a firefight with aliens 40 squares away. Secondly, would it be possible for unarmed civilians to flee the combat zone when they get to edge of the map, once they have been rescued? It's annoying to have to watch them wander around for 30 seconds while you're hunting down that last alien.
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