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Found 1 result

  1. Feel free to shoot these ideas down like a light scout UFO Might be nice to have a bit of variation in mission type from the Xcom template such as retrieve or rescue the VIP (nation leader/scientist/object of importance). This could look like or be coded like the person/object is in the middle of map (or hidden but would need good alien AI) and you need to move a member of you squad beside person/object to gain control of it (pick up object, person "joins" squad). Mission end when squad is dead (doh!) or person/object is moved back to landing craft (don't leave your squad behind) and perhaps the stand by of "kill all hostiles" (I'd almost like this not to be an option as getting vip secured should be the only victory). Perhaps have a continual wave of aliens so victory by killing everything isn't an option (balance possible item/tec gains by only getting what you carry out on your squad members) and adds to urgency. I think this would complement the game style as well as break up the shoot down/raid for tec cycle that can get monotonous. Also an avenue for unique rewards. VIP/VIO (very important object) rewards: Nation Leader: Better relations or "free" base (just a starter? or some upgrades?) Scientist: +1 base scientist or new/unique research tec Commando: +1 experienced solider Object: unique vehicle (Mech from japan ) or new/unique research tec -All of the above could have story driving rewards (aka info on aliens) Bonus: Armed citizens? So it turns out all those gun collecting survivalist were right! Where are they at? (Almost) just kiding but it would be nice to have variation in how citizens act. Having one grab equipment from a fallen squad member/alien/national guard would be interesting. Ok I already know this will not get done (too many sprites) but a citizen getting mad and throwing stuff (rocks to poor effect, fire bombs?) would spice things up (and not need too many sprites). Thanks for the reading time, -Mr. Gingerbread
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