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Found 1 result

  1. Assigning Xeno placement in the dropship is very difficult (Aircraft Equipment-Dropship). Need to see each Xeno's class under their name in that screen. Very difficult to place the right class of troop where you want them when the Xeno's class is not shown. In the Soldier Equipment screen, the area that has the button to change the Xeno's class, it always states "Assualt Trooper" and not what class they actually are. Why is the 2nd Radar placed next to the hangar where it is? Don't most people use the top spaces of the initial base for a whole row of hangars? Maybe it's me or maybe we don't need six hangars in the initial base anymore. I think the 2nd Radar should be placed just south of the first one. In the Research screen it would be nice to see all the information up front instead of some of the info in "Manage Research" tab and some in "Hire/Fire" tab. There is more than enough space and fewer clicks is better UI. (it would hide the artwork, though...) Also, the font color of a tech being researched is light blue on white background and almost invisible. Maybe this is intentional but a darker shade wouldn't hurt. Thank you for all your effort making this game. Keep it up please. All the fans of the original and TFTD need to get this.
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