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Found 1 result

  1. This is for v19 Stable hotfix version. Let me begin by stating that I absolutely love this game. Got early access via steam after completing X-COM:EW and was left wanting more. So I started on Veteran (which defaults to ironman, which was fine for me, didn't expect to get far anyway on first try). Well, 17 hours later turned out I did get quite far. Then a crippling bug struck, on a terror mission in January I think. The mission started normal, no issues. But a couple of turns in (I think it was turn 2->3) the game got stuck in alien turn. Tried waiting for a while and then reloading, to no avail. When reloading, the game loads at the start of the alien turn (I think), and I can hear a couple of alien movements/shots, then nothing. Just freezes. I could press escape and abort the mission and continue playing, but losing all but 2 of my soldiers and millions worth of equipment made it an unrecoverable situation. Oh well, it's beta. I'm reporting this in the hopes it will help flesh out these kinds of bugs from the release version, as I do love to play ironman. For now, I'm going to start a new (non-ironman) game!