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Found 2 results

  1. Here's a thread to discuss the first pass of the Geoscape and Air Combat balancing, which is available for play-testing in the latest build (2) on the experimental branch on Steam. The changes are far too numerous to list, I have reset pretty much every important variable in the Geoscape and Air Combat according to a systematic approach to try and give the pace and experience we want to achieve. It should work end to end, but it will probably seem a little bit flat right now - most things escalate in a fairly linear fashion, and there is no mixing of UFO types (each one just appears sequentially). Those things will be improved drastically later, but for now it is important we pin down the very basics of the progression. Just some general info: the invasion now takes around 6 months from the weakest to the most dangerous aliens appearing. Waves of UFOs are less frequent but hang around for much longer. Countries now take significantly more "damage" to their relations from UFOs missions that occur in their territory; likewise the bonus for shooting down UFOs is greater. For simplicities sake all countries are currently "worth" the same in funding terms - this will change later. Thoughts and impressions gratefully received.
  2. i'm trying to throw a grenade inside medium ufo through a door that has no "open" tooltip (the door that separates furthest section of this ufo). I'm throwing it by cpt. JONATHAN VESSEY to closest alien. See savegames - this one for throwing grenade and this one for door with no tooltip. Grenade just flies out of the ufo and explodes at top left map corner
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