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Found 5 results

  1. A while ago, I created sleek basic triangular cursors. Personally, I'm used to such cursors, and that was main reason, why I decided to create a classic triangular cursor for Xenonauts game. I'm willing to share, so If you find it close to your personal tastes, feel free to use it. Just move folder into assets folder, and overwrite file. Only basic cursor included, so it shouldn't conflict with Skitso's sleek door cursor: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/10217-Skitso-s-Sleek-door-cursor Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ldvv5t39z9sctn/cursor.zip
  2. So here's something I was considering while playing the new v19 steam build today: Where's the stun damage indicator in the UI? I mean, the original X-Com1994 has this, when you take stun damage, your HP bar fills up with a blue color, and when it reaches the max of your current total health for a unit, your trooper passes out. So, I'm just suggesting that this UI feature be implemented, as it's something that would A) be useful to have and B) was in the original game this one is based off of, so not having it seems a step back. If it's going to need a color on the bar, might I suggest Purple? Considering Suppression works against TUs, it would also be pretty boss to have a similar effect on your TU bar too Also, while on the UI, can we maybe get a better indicator or art to let us know where borders are when we view transparent objects? Something so we know where the borders of the object are on the ground when we try to move characters around an object? Especially with objects that have funny shapes, like alien ships. In general, can we also get transparent objects to go transparent when the cursor, not the just the character, goes behind them? Right now it's really difficult to tell where exactly you're moving your characters when it's in a location "Behind" an object that goes transparent, but only once the character gets to the location. Also, if there is a blindness effect for when you use flashbangs, the player has no way of knowing it right now. I understand that flashbangs cause high suppression, but if there is also a blindness/lowered accuracy effect (which I would expect there to be), there is no indication of this effect taking place. Some kind of color overlay on a character that is blinded (black or grey over the head is common here) would be especially useful.
  3. I recently gave the current build of Xenonauts a try a liked what I saw. I know a lot of this stuff is still WIP, but I felt like giving the time increments some scrutiny. In my opinion, the current increments are a little on the thin side and I dislike the way the buttons stretch from an tiny square-like button to an extremely long button. Functionally, each time increment is equally useful and I feel the variable button sizes imply 4x speed is vastly more important than 1x. This and because you're constantly switching back from 2-4x speed back to 1x when waiting for UFOs and base building, I think larger, same-sized buttons is better. I felt like going with 1x,2x,3x,4x buttons instead of >,>>,>>>,>>>> is not only simpler, you don't need to make the last button extra long, as you can see from the trouble I had fitting the >>>> into the alternate designs. What do you guys think? EDIT- Alright, a slight update, one variation using filled in triangles and the other with numbered increments w/o the x's.
  4. I don't know if this is possible (programming, resource consumption etc) but I would like to see more "Hidden Movement" screens. I really like the existing one, but after a few battles it gets annoying, especially since my troops have evolved into moving killing machines!!! It would be great if there was a screen (or more) for each tileset so it could actually reflect the situation for each combat mission. For example, a screen inspired by the movie "The Thing" for arctic missions, something urban or industrial for Terror or crashsites in populated areas, a digital remake of the screen from the original x-com (or something close to it if there are any copyright matters.. ) and so on. And to go as step further, maybe it could be manipulated by modding an xml file, thus letting the user choose what ever he wants to watch while alien scum terrorize and kill innocent civilians!!!! Anyhow, Thank you devs for this, already, great game!
  5. Another thing I would like to be added, is Turn Counting. Somewhere in the UI (it the original it was the start of each human turn, after the hidden movement). I know is trivial, but it would be nice to know how long it takes me to clear a mission. Also, if the feature "Secure and Hold UFO for 5 turns" actually works ( I haven't been able to Hold a UFO yet...any pointers for that???), it would be helpful in a way to count down turns for your victory!
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