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Found 3 results

  1. Valkyrie is the biggest transport available for Xenonauts, and capable of carrying 12 peoples on-board. But when you looking at list of soldiers assigned to, you can see only 11 of them and 12 need to be scrolled. This is ridiculous because there is a plenty non-used space where we can expand list up to not only 12, but at least 14 or even more. Why we need to scroll for 12? Lets increase list to 12!
  2. Because this is my first post I want to start with saying that you guys do an amazing job. I am an X-Com fan of the first hour. I played X-Com Enemy Unknown and liked if for its dense atmosphere, but it was tweaked to have too few strategic depth. Thank you for doing a remake with all of the traditional features like multiple bases and so on. Here are some usability suggestions, I stumbled on during my first games (unordered): * Base - Soldier Equipment: show carrying capacity in KG and not only a red bar, when its too much. I want to know how many KGs of equiment I need to remove. * Base - Soldier Equipment - Weapon Details: on 1920x1080 the font is too small .. make it bigger ... maybe double it. * Base - Stores: show sell value per unit without need to select one unit to sell to see its price. * Base - Navigation Button-Bar: seperate Geoscape button or make it distinguent from the other buttons. After all you navigate "up" to an overview of all bases. * Base - Build Structure: make structure rotatable. There is no sense in preventing to build a structure just because of its orientation. * Geoscape: show how much a new base will cost instead of just saying "insufficient funds". Maybe on the button itself. * Tactical: Make the maps rotatable. 90°-steps would be completely sufficient. * Geoscape: Make button for a screen with the last funding information available, so I dont have to wait till next month.
  3. edit: I have meanwhile been convinced by Gauddlike's arguments that my original proposal is lacking. Below is a revised version. A big thank you to everyone who provided feedback! Hi there, First of I'd like to say that as a huge fan of XCOM I greatly appreciate how close you stick to the concepts of the series. But in one way you are imo a bit to close to the classics: reserving time units in ground combat. I have only played Xenonauts for a short time up to now, but I already encountered a number of situations where I thought to myself "well, that could be done in a less click-intensive manner". I'll give you an example: Usually I reserve time units for a reaction shot. But if I then encounter an alien while using the rest of my TUs for movement, I want to shoot him. It happens rather often that the game won't let me do that, cause I don't have enough TUs left for two shots (the one I want to take and the reaction shot). This requires me to deselect the 'reserve TUs option', clicking on the alien a second time and reselecting the reserve option at the start of the next turn. That's a lot of clicking. I'd suggest to implement one of the following solutions to this: - Allow the usage of reserved TUs for aggressive actions like shooting or throwing a grenade, with one additional safety-click on the target and displaying a 'click again to use reserved TUs' overlay. - Allow the usage of reserved TUs for aggressive actions like shooting or throwing a grenade as long as a modifier key is held (© by Gazz ^^). If one of this options is used make the text of the reserve-options greyed out, so the player has visual feedback that this unit won't react during the enemies turn any more, but leave the previously selected option selected. Additional visual feedback would also be nice. By which I mean this: introduce a 4th color for the path highlighting. Green tiles = tiles that can be reached that leave enough TUs for auto reaction fire. Blue = enough TUs left for snap shot reaction. Yellow = no reaction fire possible. Red = Unreachable in this turn. Hopefully this is helpful to you! Keep up the good work! Alex
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