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Found 2 results

  1. Happy to see a true update to XCOM in the works. Got my pre-order in and looking over the FAQ when I noticed that there would be no fusion launchers or human psionics in Xenonauts. I have to say that this made me a little sad. While I never really got into psionics in the original XCOM, I had a blast (yuk, yuk) shooting those rockets around corners and up and down elevator shafts. Less toys to play with will always feel like less. I hope that these and more may one day make their own appearances in Xenonauts, either by DLC or by mod community.
  2. So I'm about to pre order xenonauts, been waiting for a new "X-com" for a long time and this one looks just like it. However I have one question, when can we expect the game to be released? I know it's a difficult one to answer but can we expect it this year at least? Also will see more kinds of vehicles, weapons and armors than in the original X-com? Great game as it may be but having 3 types of weapon ( laser, plasma, ballistic) was kind of boring in the long run. Thanks in advance for the time spent reading and answering my two questions
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