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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everybody! I am Tasku and I play Xenonauts! Everything don't always go as planned in my games. The citizens of Christchurch in New Zealand would have a thing or two to say about my xenonauts project.. ..Wait they got nuked, so nevermind they won't say anything. (Sorry, I tried my best!) I decided to post some of my late gameplay on youtube and I would like some feedback. Especially I would like to know what kind of video content would you like to see next. In my next video I plan to go blow up alien large base, the fast way. Here is link to my youtube playlist where you can find all my videos: And here is video to my latest episode: [video=youtube;MuSkhMRzl_c] My current videos show my lategame base setups, aircrafts, ufo takedowns and squad tactics. I think soon I will change to v20 (current gameplay of v19 stable) In my videos I have some sweet tunes too. They were created by "John Ruok" and I bet you will like the music part too. Here is link to his game dev site along with his music. sweeppah.net You can find him from twitter @Sweeppah and me @Tascruel Seeya!
  2. Greetings earthlings! Following important announcement, share it to your fellow human beings: "I am Commander Tasku, defender of planet earth. Some of you might have noticed that our lovely planet, is under alien invasion. Yes, that neighbour that you thought was a nutty, is actually clever invidual. Now get on with the program! Commander Tasku, over and out." We the humans sole dominating race at this planet, until now. A higher technology alien species, capable of interstellar travel has taken intrest in our planet. In a very unwanted way. Hopefully, Xenonauts declassified program has already reached some of you. I am afraid to tell you, that our last resort is maybe our only. Nuclear warfare might be our only answer. Hopefully you have watched this video and are prepared, if nukes start to fly: The first encounter of the aliens are now available for you to see: [video=youtube;St1-JFzDcvY]
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