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Found 2 results

  1. Valkyrie is the biggest transport available for Xenonauts, and capable of carrying 12 peoples on-board. But when you looking at list of soldiers assigned to, you can see only 11 of them and 12 need to be scrolled. This is ridiculous because there is a plenty non-used space where we can expand list up to not only 12, but at least 14 or even more. Why we need to scroll for 12? Lets increase list to 12!
  2. Hi, all, i'm new to the Forum, and pretty average at Coding/Modding, but i want to make the equip slots on the backpack, primary weapon, secondary weapon and belt, transparent. Is there a way to do that? I tried changing numbers in "sequipvew.lua" but only made the containers disappear (there was actually 3-5 pixels of that container... but it was not equipable with nothing, it was useless.) I noticed there are 4 common values for some graphics: x, y, h and w... i'm guessing these are the color, height and width values, maybe the fouth one is transparency? only problem is i don't know wich is wich, and how to alter them. Here's an example: InventorySlot { name = "slot1_1", x = 5 + 0 * Floor( 30 * screenScaleX ), y = 23 * screenScaleY + 5 + 0 * Floor( 30 * screenScaleX ), w = Floor( 30 * screenScaleX ), h = Floor( 30 * screenScaleX ), image = "uitextures/sequip/centerend", bordersize = 3, }, What do the RED, and GREEN elements do/mean? By the way, can all this be achieved with the official build of the game? (not CE modded) Any help would be very appreciated.
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