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  1. I just picked this up on Steam and first I want to say, incredible game! I am a big X-Com fan going back to the original all the way up to EU and I loved this title. So that said, the things I will bullet point bellow are just little things and not me trying to nit pick at the game. -Snipers should be a bit more accurate/effective. My main sniper was ok for that first shot (sometimes) but later I found myself replacing him him a more versatile assault soldier (or replacing his sniper rifle with an assault rifle). Not saying they should be OP but they also should be a little more effective imo by reducing cost for shots or making them a lot more accurate with a full turn aimed shot. -Maybe reduce construction time on some items? I found that I had reached end game research but a base fully developed as a manufacturing plant could not get out some of the later game items in time for me to have a bit of fun with them. I should say I was able to use them but the pacing seemed just a little off as I had to wait for long periods on single weapons to be crafted as I let the final mission initiation idle. -Make it easier to optimize fighters/bombers in the hangar. Maybe a preset that automatically sets the craft in question up with the best in stock for a Fighter Role and then a Bomber role. I say this because I ran a large fighter wing out of many bases and micromanaging each fighter and bomber was a pain at times. I say pain because sometimes craft would default back to stock loadouts and not use the upgraded missiles or torpedoes in inventory. Or they would not use an upgraded auto cannon so I had to frequently check on them. This was doubly the case when replacing craft. -Have alien fighter squadrons attempt to intercept detected troop transports or bomber wings at later stages? I found a nasty exploit/strategy in a way. If you equip a base with 6 hangars, you could launch two 3 bomber/fighter squadrons equipped w/torps. Have the first launch, engage, fire torps, disengage immediately, afterburn and run. Second squadron downs and destroys the target handily. If alien interceptors chased unguarded interceptors or transports, a player would have to keep air to air dogfighters on standby to provide a sort of CAP or escort. I don't want this to become a tl;dr post but I wanted to share my observations on my first play through and again empathize that these are just my .02 on the game.
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