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  1. I had the urge to add an A-10 Warthog into Xenonauts and decided to add the A-164 Wipeout (concept A-10 Warthog) from Arma 3 due to the fact that most of the aircraft in Xenonauts are concepts derived from real aircraft eg. f-17 derived from f-16 fighting falcon, X-44 Saracen resembles the Russian Sukhoi Su-47 or Chinese Chengdu j20, ect. Install: ATM the mod can only be installed by properly copping and then inserting all the mod's config code and textures into the game's folders and config files. I only recommend doing this if you understand what your doing and have a decent modding experience with the game.This mod is in development (indev) and will be installed via the games inbuilt mod manager hopefully by alpha. Any help with adding this feature will be highly apprenticed. Screenshots: Help, Support and Future Plans: 1. Please post in this thread telling me why the Aircraft and it's weapons names are showing as ##### in game and how to fix this 2. Proper Damage indicator 3. Please post in this thread if it's possible to add 2 extra missile slots and if so how to do this 4. Ability to install the mod via the games inbuilt mod manager (help appreciated) 5. The A-164 Wipeout will be obtained will be obtained the same way as the X-37 Corsair along with it's heavy cannon's being obtained the same way as there lighter counterparts 6. Xenophobia for the A-164 Wipeout and it's cannon's and payload changelog 1.1 Indev -Fixed weapon slot/positions -Add'd new aircraft gun's for the A-164 Wipeout (Heavy autocannon, heavy gattling laser, heavy plasma cannon and heavy MAG railgun) along with 1000 rounds. -Add'd gun sounds for the new guns (30mm Gatling gun sound from Arma 3, Gatling laser sound from fallout 3 and railgun sound from the ICBM mod for Minecraft). -Add'd torpedoes and missiles with x2 and x3 ammo for the A-164 wipeout Download: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=149
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