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Found 2 results

  1. The history, as told to the public, of Xenonauts contains a single Extraterrestrial encounter prior to the invasion of 1979. We continue in our series of short entries, showing the alarming truth that our governments were only too well aware of the threat well before this date. In Article 1, we saw that the alien Invasion ships had been spotted in Earth’s atmosphere at least as early as Kenneth Arnolds’ sighting in 1947. In Article 2, we continued with the obvious physical and behavioural similarities between the Caesians and early abductions. In this instalment, we focus on what we were told was a new threat to mankind, The Sebillians. Myths around amphibious/ reptilian creatures go all the way back to the water gods and spirits of ancient mariners and communities dependant on rivers and lakes for their sustenance. Many civilisations contain bipedal/ humanoid reptile gods or significant beings that have brought enlightenment from beyond to humanity, from Gucumatz to the Serpent of Eden. Further, there are numerous legends of hidden reptilian races such as the Naga and the race described in the book of Jasher. From the Prussian Autrimpas to the Orkey Islands Selkie, from the Amazon to Swaziland, myths of reptilian creatures can be found in every culture. Many simply dismiss the numerous legends as tales of seals and dolphins, but there is a huge body of evidence showing interaction with humanity, including mating, that would suggest something much larger. Even in these early tales, mer-creatures would transform themselves into beautiful men and women. There is a focus on breeding. A large number of folk tales include abductees acting as midwives for the creatures. The results were often hybrids, with the Athenian King Cecrops is considered to be part of this race. In the middle ages, we have tales of abductions by water based creatures from Slovenia (1547) and near Saalbach (written in 1630). From these early tales, we already have clear links to the behaviour and patterns that would shape modern encounters with Reptilians; Shape changing, infiltration, abduction and Interbreeding. Such an interest in hybridisation would explain the many different variations of amphibian/ reptilian sightings throughout the years. It also provides a chilling possibility that the Sebillians encountered in from 1957 onwards were in fact, genetically altered by something else. The humanoid/ lizard creature entered popular culture with 1954’s provocative footage of Jack Arnold’s Amazonian expedition. A creature resembling the 1954 appearance was sighted on three occasions in Lake Thetis, British Columbia in 1972. Domnique Menuge’s encounter with hybrid, frog like creatures in 1976 serves to further promote the continuing hybridisation of Reptilian research. Clearly, infiltrating humanity is not their only goal. More frog-like beings, were seen near Lake Constance in Germany in 1977. The shocked witness gave their description, following a “meteorite” sighting. These reports, and much of the early, pre UFO, tales offer a number of interesting theories. Are such creatures indigenous and have developed advanced technology earlier? Or, as the 1979 Invasion would suggest, have they been visiting us for centuries? If the latter is true, have they established deeper links on Earth than we realise. This is a point we will return to. Possibly, the most important modern link between The Reptilians occurred on 7th December 1978, less than a year before the Invasion. In Liguria, Italy, Fortunato Zanfretta was abducted into a UFO crewed by such creatures, connecting the ancient water myths to modern UFO sightings. But is the threat from the Reptilians following the Invasion really over? An unusual, spherical craft appeared above a wheat field at Nordling in 1984. Once its iris shaped door had opened, witnesses saw two amphibian like creatures. Clearly, the implications of this event provide a different picture from the apologist “V” released in 1983, that has Visitors appear only in modern times in giant space craft, and with some altruistic intent. The positive message of the Visitors is further reinforced in the controversial 1985 release of Enemy Mine, which seeks to show genuine positive attributes of the Invaders. Consider this humanising approach to the aliens, and recall the shape changing and infiltration of earlier reports. This line of thinking has clearly influenced the warnings of people who believe that the Reptilians have infiltrated us to such an extent that they are now in positions of power across the planet. With so little information post-Invasion and none forthcoming from the big A10 or their new masters, speculation grows that we may not have seen the last of the aliens. Another possibility is that we may have seen the last of them in this form, and that an Illuminati could have achieved it’s purpose.
  2. Over on the "How to post bugs" thread, Chris posted as an example... "ie, "[V7.5 - Ground Combat] Aliens have infinite health!"" Combining that with the new test map that was billed as more of a search mission... and you have... Sebillian Predator! 1 alien on the map. larger than normal health/APs Sebillians are already aggressive, close combat creatures so that's OK Tactics to be determined by the AI that's being worked on... A little back story flourish of these guys being genetically modified/ chemically enhanced experimental critters. ...and there you are. A Predator style mission designed to sow fear into a funding nation. Added dev points for making them available in the hot summer seasons of funding nations. Obvious really...
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