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Found 3 results

  1. If your soldier is under mind control of alien and you kill this alien, releasing your soldier back to your control, save game and load back, finish the mission - your soldier who killed mind-controller did not get Savior Medal. You must finish mission not using save/load after killing mind-controller. Save before killing attached. Instruction how to check bug: rocketeer can go down to cover up to the left enemy and fire rocket in right-lower corner with no obstacles in its way. Rocket blow up and kill red-head allien - he is controlling my soldier. Save-load and kill enemies after that to get no medal, just continue killing other two aliens to get medal. tmp.sav tmp.sav
  2. Both of my saved games keep crashing when i try to load them Twice i have gone through to the Auto save to fix the problem. But every time i get to the end of the mission it just crashes. Any help would be great.
  3. Hello All, I was finishing up a Terror Mission in Taipei with the last enemy being a Reaper zombie. I fired on the zombie, making it shed into a Reaper, and then unable to finish killing it, I hit end turn. The Successful mission screen came up, but with a score of zero, terror site not secured on it. When back on the geoscape I tried to reload to see if it was just a hiccup and I could kill the Reaper to secure the terror site. When the game reloaded in combat I would get an automatic mission failed screen, and my drop ship and all troops lost. What could be causing this?
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