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Found 2 results

  1. My suggestion is this: Reduce the time it takes to repair and/or recover downed planes based on idle workers. I personally don't mind the recovery time of planes, since their asses have to get dragged back to base but the repair time on planes is just ridiculous. With my 45 workers in 3 workshops i can build a MIG in a little over a day, but when I wish to repair a downed MIG or F16 for that matter, it takes up to 3 days. My solution would be to reduce the time a plane needs to be repaired based on the amount of idle workers currently not working on a project.
  2. I have always found losing armor when soldiers are wounded or killed particularly expensive and time consuming in X-Com and I suspect it is going to be even more expensive in Xenonauts given the deadliness of the aliens. Rather than having armor be destroyed when your soldier is heavily wounded or dead, would it be possible to have the Xenonaut drop a 'Damaged Armor' item that could be repaired for a discounted price at base? This would make armor feel just as costly as weapons do in the game since they persist rather than more expensive because they feel like a couple use item.
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