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Found 3 results

  1. I commonly listen to music other than the in game music when i play to get me more interested in the game even if its not part of it, I especially like listening to disco like genres including (night-core, trance, electronic and a little bit of techno) I am interested in what songs you guys listen to if you listen to any
  2. How many maps are there in the game? I play it, but cant get far into it because I keep getting the same maps and it gets boring really fast. This problem I never had with the Original X-Com because it was always randomized.
  3. From the geoscape, after some time (almost instantly on the fastest speed), the game randomly goes into ground combat against a light scout with "minor damage" and two aliens on the same map each time (alien races vary). I have yet to see an actual UFO on the Geoscape. I spent a few minutes searching on the forums to see if anyone else has posted about this, and I can't seem to find a thread concerning it. Apologies if it has already been highlighted on the forums before. edit: Ok, after searching for answers to another issue i am having, found a thread concerning this. Sorry about that and feel free to ignore this thread. Feeling like a bit of a muppet now (was in debug mode because normal mode would not launch. Problems all solved now).
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