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Found 5 results

  1. Hello fellow anti-extraterrestrial squaddies, Considering, that native release of Xenonauts for linux-based operating system is available for ages, I considered it only natural that X:CE works on it, too (or any other major platform supported by base game). What was my surprise, when I tried to install and use the mod on my DRM-free (from GOG.COM) version of the game... Everything went smooth to the point, where I was supposed to run CE's launcher - only to find that only windows executable exist for it! I double-checked that it is not dual-API compatible binary with just .exe extension (nope, "no known interpreter"). I searched wide and far, in case that I was just silly and downloaded release for wrong platform (seems no - there is only one release for given version...). Only things that I was able to find was some mention on Steam that you need to run Xenonauts through WINE, to have it working with Community Edition. Is that so? If yes, I won't hide that it is a major bummer, in current age. For sure, it would be first time I run into mod (let alone something that aims at being "Community Edition", as in unofficial continuation of patching base game) for a natively-running-on-linux game, that makes itself windows-exclusive only. Obviously, I can live with it - even if bringing whole windows API to run a mod/patch (even such awesome as X:CE seems to be) seems extremely silly, given that linux binaries for base game are available. Still - out of curiosity - are there any plans for making the situation more sane? Cheers, /Cat Lady Ps. Please, don't take the above post wrong way. By all means, I appreciate all work involved (having modding/enhancing background myself - including for very old games like Total Annihilation - I know how much work it is), and I understand that you need to prioritize things (even if I consider opting-out of whole operating system, supported by base game, as worst possible way of doing it, mind you). I'm just honestly shocked, and given lack of documentation about the matter - including fact that official instructions doesn't even mention the fact, confusing linux users like hell - and I'm sincerely interested if it is just temporary inconvenience expected top be fixed shortly, or pre-determined course of action/stance against native linux version.
  2. Every time I try to transfer soldiers from one base to another it doesn't seem to work. I select the soldiers that I would like to transfer, then I hit the transfer soldiers button and all of my soldiers that I selected then become unselected. When I select the base to transfer soldiers to nothing happens. Even after many (game) days the soldiers stay where they are... Am I doing something wrong?
  3. Hi, I'm currently running the game in WINE on Linux as I wanted to install it via Steam (hopefully this won't be a problem soon) and hit the following bug. Whenever I autoresolve aerial combat and then click return to base or select another target, the game crashes to the desktop. I've attached WINE's backtrace in case it's useful. At the moment this is pretty game-breaking (as I'm crap at aerial combat ), I guess I should just wait until the proper Linux steam release anyway. backtrace.txt backtrace.txt
  4. I've seen somewhere on this forum that Xenonauts will be available for Linux on steam does anyone know if this might be be when v19 goes stable? And once again I ask if it will be a REAL native Linux version (although this wine-wraper works quite well ) Cheers!
  5. Eager to put down money on this one, but curious if there's an expected date for the linux alpha to be available in Desura? Or is the linux version scheduled for post-Alpha, when everything else is basically done? Cheers!
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