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Found 2 results

  1. On all Landing ships crashed/landed missions the main bridge is always visible when your outside and or inside the craft. Attacked many Landing ships in all terrains and it seems to affect all. In the pic you can see my guys outside the bridge doors and everything is visible inside. Hope this helps.
  2. Only about 50hrs in now but a few things so far. *Would really love an options setting or something to start all troops on single fire instead of burst. I find burst mostly useless (unless you can see the errr green?yellow? of their eyes) due to accuracy and limited ammo as u go up in weap tech. Could also just have the nauts personal settings persist mission to mission if thats easier. *When those pesky landing ships decide to land and your interceptors are almost there it makes me want to strafe the bejeeesus outta them...so why not let us. =) Too late to stop the terror mission but at least we get to rid them of a ship and not waste fuel for nothing. Could run it in the air combat screen and give them some sort of defenses to make it a bit of a challenge though we do spend tons of time in that screen now. Another options is have a strafing run and get a report like when your base guns fire at an alien ship. *Increase font size (or an option to adjust it as you see fit) for well almost everything but especially the Xenopedia reports. The old and semi blind will appreciate it! *Only at Corsairs so maybe there are better aircraft coming but.....More missiles for the love of god! Feel free to cut the dmg in half and give us 4 or 6...all the time you spend setting up for the intercept...then actually in the air combat screen to blow your load in 2s. Especially MIGs at least the other two have the gatlins. Speaking of the air combat screen when u try to bow out it takes forever sometimes. Perhaps a 5s timer once you've decide to leave that should be enough time to change your mind if you need too. Or allow the ESC menu to work. Ya make a bone headed click on the wrong jet and then you have to wait 5 mins to reload. *I'm sure LOS is a dirty word...plenty of spots where u get shot and can't shoot back especially corners. Would it be too blasphemous to steal the cover type icon idea from the other recent XCOM game so you don't have to guess if a targeted baddies has LOS on you? Maybe it would take some of the OG flair away...working as intended? hehe *Ok last one! I assume more boards will exist when the game is done but I've seen very little cover maps...and average covers maps...what about a tons of cover map. It would make for some good cat and mouse. How about a totally indoor one as well? Why wouldn't the aliens want to crash the shopping mall, send the cryssies loose on the pre-teens raawwrr! Steal from Left4dead and Dead Rising...zombies just wanna have fun!
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