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  1. September Strategy Saving Money for additional bases looked to work well in previous builds, so going for that again. By the end of September I have two bases. On the 1st October I started a third base. This leaves no money for equipment or for vehicles. Bugs Talyn Majenkov is invisible in soldier screen. Head and hands and portrait images didn’t load. Also affects Battlescape portrait. Medkits don’t always seem to work? This turned out to only be from one soldier in the first mission. Odd. Can see grass through floor of UFO when door is opened. Sebillian suppressed through hull of light scout. Scared by noises on the hull? New charred damaged ground effect may be preventing sniper fire 0% through it. Desert Map. Issues Greece in Middle East (known) UFO door stays open. Is this on purpose? It takes 10 days to build a hanger, meaning that you have to wait 6 days or so once Foxtrot is researched. Solution: Add a third hanger to starting base, and deduct cost from starting amount. First 2 stun grenades stunned 2 Sebillians. I feel it’s better that the stun gas works over time. Promotion continues to be too fast (known) Suggestions When ordered items arrive at base, it would be nice to know which items. Roles in the Personnel screen would be great. Having captured listed alongside missions & kills would be nice (particularly considering usage of stun weapons currently) Knowing what rocket is in the launcher, & being able to easily change it before combat, would be nice. Things I’m using/ Not using Shotguns get more use due to lower cost. However, they are relegated steadily once stun grenades come into play. Stun – A single grenade has taken out most aliens. Both grenades and rockets are immediately very useful. Apart from being over powerful, it’s also due to always meeting the aliens head on, either in the map or in the UFO. There’s not much room for snaking round to use the shotgun or stun baton. Partly it’s the complete wiping out of the aliens when using conventional rockets and grenades. This makes the stun options more appealing. So stun quickly become a key tactic. Sniper Rifle Fairly useful so far, although I did switch them out for a few missions. This is due to the small light scout maps being more useful for other weapons. Hypervelocity is back in by the looks of it. C4, Flash Bangs, Vehicles & Smoke Grenades are all not being used, although I’ll probably use smoke in larger maps. Reasons same as before. Aircraft Cannon Used once in September, which is earlier than usual. Light Scouts seemed a bit tougher this build. Manufacturing & Stores Remain broken and practically obsolete. Research Plenty to start with, but became linear towards end of the month, and have now all been completed. Timeline 1/9 – Europe base 1/9 – built hanger & medical centre 1/9 – ordered 5 scientists 1/9 – started 2nd N America Base. Built radar and 1 hanger Funds =0 1/9 - UFO 1 – Light Scout – Lands - Ground Mission – Caesians - breaching is now trickier Note: Seeing the roles on the Battlescape is very useful. Note: Used shotgun. Twice! 1/9 -UFO 2 – Light Scout – Ground Combat – Sebillians Note: Aliens more aggressive when inside UFOs, coming out to attack. 6/9 – UFO 3 – Light Scout - Ground Combat – Sebillians! Note: Combat shield destroyed by alien fire! 3 Sebillians rush from UFO. Yikes! 6/9 – UFO 4 – Air Combat. Crashes into sea 11/9 – start Foxtrot Construction. Funds =2k 8/9 – UFO 5 – Light Scout - Ground Combat. Sebillians 11/9 – start alien interrogation research 16/9 – UFO 6 – Light Scout - Ground Combat 22/9 – UFO 9 – Light Scout Ground Mission – 1st of 3 consecutive missions. Caesians 22/9 – UFO 7 - Light Scout Ground Mission. Sebillians 22/9 – UFO 8- - Light Scout Ground Mission. Sebillians 24/9 - build 2nd hanger in N America Base. Tferred Foxtrot to N American Base. Began building 2nd Foxtrot in Europe Base Funds =4k 25/9 – UFO 10 - Light Scout Ground Mission – Caesians 26/9 – UFO 11 – Air Combat – Crashed at Sea Note: 2 interceptions and 1 Ground combat have come from 2nd base within 1st month. So helping funding in month 1. Note: All research dries up on 28th Funding - September N America: -7k, S America:-10k, Europe: +15k, C America:0, N Africa:+48k M East:0, Indochina:0, S Africa:0, Soviet:+1k, Australasia:-7k Overall: +41k UFO Summary Light Scouts: 11 – Ground Combat: 9 Crash at Sea: 2
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