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Found 2 results

  1. - Following a successful mission, the little alien head icon will remain on the Geoscape. A save and reload clears it. - An interception is successful. Little alien head appears. Upon zooming into the location, a second alien head appears. It's as if one is at one zoom level and one is available at the highest zoom. Upon selecting intercept, boit alien icons have mission options. - UFO crashed at sea, but is available for a mission (had a few of these now in 19.5) Save Game :- http://www.sendspace.com/file/kxevvc
  2. Most squad-based tactical games in the vein of x-com allow the player to rename their soldiers. 90% of the time, players use this feature to make notes about their soldier's capabilities or role in the squad, leading to teams with stupid names like "Bob Machinegunner" or "Bill Sniper" or "James Medic." Or even worse, "Shotgun 2." I've always hated this. Could we just have a separate field, which is displayed with the name (like their rank), which allows us to enter a comment without renaming the soldier? Or even just provide a dropdown of preset roles we could assign our soldiers? This could also be used to allow us to sort our soldiers when equipping them, allowing for easier management of soldiers within standardized roles. Even better, it could allow us to define default loadouts to soldier roles in order to reduce some of the micromanagement required when equipping squads before a mission.
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