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  1. Automatic upgrades make me really sad, once you finish research half of your stuff gets automatically replaced by new things. Choosing the older ones is not possible because they are obviously inferior(missiles). Please consider making guns and explosives feel different, technologies should not completely overlap each other. A clear example of the OG was laser weaponry not needing ammo. There were some missions I would have to take my laser weaponry because I just didn't have enough plasma ammo. A laser pistol was also great because you didnt need to carry ammo for it. Weapons: Technology upgrades should have a clear damage increase but it should also affect weapons in different ways to add to the tactical layer of the game. Some suggestions: Laser rifles doing 2x damage vs unarmored but .5 vs armored. Plasma shotguns eat cover for breakfast and dinner, but the spread is 2x wider so you have to be closer to be accurate. Mag Sniper has a chance of ignoring cover but not destroying it. This will also help to de-homogenize the guns, as they are now, they all fight for the same role. Ammo: Please make different ammo a thing, it added so much flavor. Right now its really boring. For ammo capacity there are 2 options; normal gun capacity and alien technology capacity: 15 round heavy(all tech) vs 50 round heavy(no tech). Same weight, same inv space, might as well be same icon. This has so much potential to be more interesting but as its stands its just plain boring. Make ammo weight differently depending on technology. So new soldiers cant be wielding the latest and greatest and you actually have to take penalties. Better weapon? cool but you get less ammo in chamber and less ammo to carry. This is perfect with the latest ideas of deadlier aliens, I wont be using my best ammo for the easy to kill aliens. Add ammo types, for the love of god where are the ammo types. Incendiary ammo to flush them out of cover or make them sit taking damage, explosive ammo to blow up cover, armor penetrating, anti personnel. Micromanaging my magazines was so much fun in every XCOM game. I understand that some new effects might be out of the question, but you have such a wide array of enemies. Telling me who is really armored and who isn't and letting me pick my targets with my AP rounds or electric rounds for robots would be really compelling. TL/DR: Gun technologies only upgrade damage, this feels like a wasted opportunity considering the amount of tech upgrades we get.
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