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Found 2 results

  1. First the Length of the title is too short to accurately display the bug it should read : [V20 Stable 05/01/2014-Ground Combat] game freezes for 5-10 seconds every time a soldier dies and the death animation is played I started a new game ,managed to intercept a fighter ( it was the first fighter I encountered) ,landed an assault team one of my soldiers died 2 minutes into the level , the game froze for 6 seconds then I saw the death animation play and the game continued on a second soldier died 1 minutes later , and again the same issue hope this helps
  2. I saved the game and exited during the middle of a ground battle. Upon reloading the game, the helicopter was above the crash site in question but the option to begin ground battle was not displayed. I ordered the chopper back to base, then immediately ordered it to intercept the crash site again. I entered battle and won. When the geoscape loaded again, it immediately sent me into another battle (no asking whether i wanted to start a battle, it automatically began. I won the second battle, and was once again launched into a third battle. A soldier who had been injured but not killed in the second battle had xx health points and TU and could not move or fire. Everyone else still had full ammo, and all their grenades as if I had not used them. At this point, I used task manager to close the game. I re-loaded the game and tried to replicate the bug, but when I reloaded the game, the crash site no longer existed. The helicopter returned to base as if it never happened, and I did not receive any loot from the battles performed before force-closing the game. I am not sure what caused this bug.
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