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  1. Final battle spoilers ahead! You know the deal, if anything is spoiled for you don't blame me. Not much to spoil though. After ~50 missions, we were an elite squad of Xenonauts. Three people had nearly maxed out stats -- 122 TUs, over 100 acc, 100 strength, upper 90s resiliency... Skilled bunch. We were equipped with the best gear Earth could make for us (which, since the current version lacks Armor Hardening, is not actually the best): Wolf battle armor, mighty MAG weapons, and backed by a Scimitar tank. We were greeted first by a gigantic drone, easily the largest seen: It destroyed the Scimitar with just one shot. Focused fire wore down the beast, though, and we were greeted by three paths. Not wanting to split up in hostile ground, the entire team moved south. Androns greeted us, firing from the darkness. Cnl. Campbell took a cannon round to the chest and became the first human casualty of this push, but five Androns fell in exchange. One of the great alien reactors rested at the far side of this room, the same kind that powered alien bases. As we pondered whether to destroy the reactor, we turned our attention back towards where we came. At that moment, Reapers attacked from the landing pad! Our LZ was overrun! The five of us formed a firing line, dropping Reapers as quickly as we could. Took the snapshots when we could, and pushed them back during the luls in the charge. Two rounds from a MAG rifle, or one from a precision was enough to stop the beasts: We only had so many shots and needed to make each one count. After a score of Reapers were cut down, they started to push closer, clambering over the corpses of their broodmates. Desperately, a plan was hatched to send one man back to destroy the reactor, hopefully taking down the aliens even if it meant our lives. It was then that my vision was suffused by tendrils, and my muscles started to move against my will. Some level of my consciousness remained, but my body was a slave to the aliens. We had dealt with psionic attacks before, causing troops to go beserk and attack friend or foe, but this was far more refined, it was complete control. I saw the looks of horror on my friends' faces as my body turned and ran to the rear of the chamber, guarding the alien reactor. For the briefest of moments, I thought we would have some final revenge on the aliens as Cmdr. Robinson raised his rifle and threw rounds into the reactor... one, two, three shots. No effect. On the last shot of his clip, the reactor was destroyed... I made peace with God, expecting it to explode, hopefully killing me and releasing me from this control. Cmdr. Robinson lowered his rifle, a look of final failure on his face, as the reactor safely deactivated, and Reaper claws burst through his chest, soon followed by Cnl. Gagne's and Cmdr. Thomas'. Cnl. Sokolova was killed more painlessly, by a bolt of plasma from an alien sniper that utterly destroyed his neck. As the Reapers closed in, I hoped I would at least be granted death, even if it was agonizingly painful... but death did not come. I blacked out, darkness enveloped me, and I awoke chained to a hospital bed. Doctors tended to my wounds from the battle, plasma holes and a few tears from Reaper claws, and I learned the fate of the Earth. After we failed, country after country folded to the aliens. No-one was left to handle the escalation of the alien threat, and humanity, bit by bit, surrendered to their new overlords. Humans were taken, tested to the point of breaking and beyond... and our new role in the hegemony was determined. Since we had no great value in combat, nothing that Harridans, Sebilians, or Caesans could do better, we were found to be of great use... as menial labor. The process would begin for me as soon as I was well, and I could see the machines down the hall, processing the new slaves for the Praetors. This is the last will and testament of Cnl. Pavel Kaleshnikov, last of the Xenonauts, last of those who failed. до свидания. Breaking character, I have no idea how to proceed with the mission. I literally killed over 30 Reapers and more were coming. Are we supposed to blow the reactors up or just clear? I can't push against 5 reapers per turn every turn, so is that horde supposed to ever stop? Also Kaleshnikov was marked as "wounded" as opposed to KIA for some reason, probably because he was "just" mind controlled.
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