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  1. I was wondering the little tricks, no matter how small, that people have discovered to abuse or exploit the AI. This involves identifying situations in which the AI will behave repeatedly, then exploiting these situations at every possible opportunity. There's a lot of piecemeal ground combat balance, but I think it might be better to approach it in a holistic sense, because AI and alien weapon power are inextricably connected. It's hard to balance one while ignoring the other. Anyway, here's a few to start things off: 1. Using alien's super hearing abilities to avoid reaction fire. At the end of the turn, aliens usually face the closest Xenonaut soldier, even if he is behind an insurmountable wall. You can use this to make the alien face away from the door if you know. 2. Using your vehicle as a scout. Kinda obvious, but aliens don't care to attack alien vehicles. Free scouting. 3. Hiding in smoke clouds The elites in the carrier command room rarely leave their room to attack. Have your shooters stand in a smoke cloud behind the left door, and your scout with a riot shield behind the right door as the spotter. Repeat for 5 turns until aliens are neutralized. Spotter closes door at end of turn. Aliens rarely investigate a smoke cloud, even if they have the numbers and should "know" that you couldn't have moved anywhere else. 4. Using Foxtrot as missile bait. If a Foxtrot is moving perpendicularly with afterburners through the missile launch arc of an alien fighter, the alien missiles will always fall behind it.
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